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Robert Renaud
Look at every day as that special occasion #worklife
To give up on a decision is strength in your ability to move forward #worklife
When you try you’re already on the way to achieve your goals #worklife
You cannot change that of which you’ve never tried #worklife
Take time to enjoy what you have or you’ll never know what it is you would want #worklife
Do not let yourself live in the company of fools they will only serve to make a fool of you #worklife
Life is a series of images. Keep only the ones you want #worklife
Being happy is a state of mind that we can induce when we want #worklife
There is no such thing as failure only another chance to try again #worklife
We stop trying to reach goals because we find them hard. The only thing that is hard is being truly honest with y...
Fear is only an emotion just like happiness. To overcome fear we can simply change our emotion #worklife
The only thing you should regret is never trying #worklife
Personal accountability will drive you to achieve your goals #worklife
Seeking advice is our verbal mirror - we already know what we look like we just want to be reassured #worklife go...
Cherished moments add to a lifetime of memories yet failed moments fade away #worklife
Live who you are not who someone perceives you to be #worklife
The best feeling in life is feeling alive #worklife
Finding a real friend is saying little but feeling a lot #worklife
click the stars to vote for The Time Trading Guru #worklife…
Find the courage to be real to yourself and you’ll find personal fulfillment #worklife
Don’t dread the end of a goal instead latch onto the happiness of such an incredible achievement #worklife
The next tweet con't The key with a life break is to foster a relationship with yourself and what's important in your life. #timetradingguru
The next tweet con't.. A life break can be as short as 1 day or as long as you make it. #timetradingguru
The next tweet con't.. Change your lens and you change your outcome. #worklife
The next tweet con't.. Time trading is a philosophy that you can leverage to optimize opportunities that arise. #timetradingguru
The next tweet con't.. M: Make realizable by readjusting where necessary to stay on track #worklife
The next tweet con't.. A: Assist belief by seeking opportunities to live your goal #timetradingguru
Ensure you leverage your energy cycle and you will have the power to always move forward #worklife
The next tweet con't.. E: Express knowledge of the dream by developing a plan #timetradingguru
Recognize that time is finite and you'll never waste it #worklife
The next tweet con't.. E: realize understanding of the dream #timetradingguru
Always make room for the important things in life or something will take its place #worklife
The next tweet con't.. D: develop awareness of your dream #timetradingguru
Don't try and make amends for past mistakes - live today forward #worklife
The next tweet con't.. You can use the DREAM process to realize your goals. #timetradingguru
Don't focus too much on the white noise of life #worklife
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The next tweet con't.. We need to change our lens from working to owning. #timetradingguru
Always take an agile approach to life #worklife
The next tweet con't.. Reframing your life will help you become more flexible in attaining your dreams. #timetradingguru

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