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I feel like I'm going to throw up. It's all these gross tweets. I need pepto
Holy Hangover 2.0
Manilla Luzon needs to bark like the dog she looks like #Countdowntothecrown
#Countdowntothecrown Farewell Milk! So amazing! Can I get my phone back? @AdoreDelano mom so sad!!
#Countdowntothecrown Ornacia was stupid. You don't need two heads.
"I’m a femme queen, mother of the house of no shame. My p*ssy is on fire, now kiss the flame" @Madge_Freak
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"Better beware! Ain't no tee, ain't no shade. But at the same time, bitches better get out the way" #SissyThatWalk
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A real friend calls you not out of the blue, or when it's convenient for them, but just because they want to hang out.
Getting so tan! 24 more pounds until my goal weight! :)
No filter. Before I re tinted my hair red
God bless all the mothers out there!
🍓ONLY 🍓IF 🍓YOU 🍓WANT 🍓NEW 🍓FOLLOWE#RETWEETETWE#RetweetsFollowTrainwTra#FollowBackSeguroSegu#TFBJP#TFBJP ♥ 2
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Dying my hair red again because #red is in and gorgeous. #MothersDay
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Gemini season is coming!! Whos excited? #geminisareus #GeminisWeAre #gemini
Sweating my ass off! #trimspa Loving this weather though
Finally starting to feel better! Yay #nomore #sickness #healthy
It's so human to want what we can't have
Sunny weather :) #photooftheday
Face for days #selfie
Uncovering their secrets, here are 15 popular brands with subliminal messages in their logos! Not that clever!
Happy Cinco de mayonnaise don't get drunk and shoot your friends.
Beef Jerry tin. That's disgusting. I'm literally going to puke. It's like meat dust #meat #tin
Twitter is the new Facebook which the new MySpace which was the New LiveJournal which Replaced AIM
#FOLLOWTRICK ♡RT THIS ! ♡Follow Me ♡I Follow Back, Ask ♡Follow Follow All RTs ♡GAIN FAST! #StoryOfMyLifeFollowParty [5954
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Sex game kinky nights call me pinky @NICKIMINAJ love you Bae
#gemini #gemini #june #love #twins I can't wait for our birthdays!
Go follow mikey.bueno! Follow mikey.bueno SHOUTOUT! mikey.bueno mikey.bueno mikey.bueno
Happy Prom Sabrina! #prom. I love my gorgeous Neice! #hair #makeup Gorgeous
Hair and makeup hair and makeup
I liked a @YouTube video Official Video Royals Pentatonix Lorde Cover
All these DM messages are pointless. The people I DM don't respond and the people that DM me need a clue. I'm not sleeping with you.
Sometime I can't trust the holes in my body. I just burped out of nowhere. I didn't feel it coming. #repulsive
Time for #Dragrace Darienne Lake needs to go home. Time for @courtneyact and @AdoreDelano and @TheBiancaDelRio to steal it!
Hahaha #Dragrace #TeamCourtneyAct #TeamAdoreDelano #teambiancadelrio
"@MindCertified: In tears laughing 😂" Ahahahahahshahaha
I hate waking up so late. #unproductive