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Daniel / LorqVonRay
How I did on Twitter this week: 5 New Followers, 1 Mentions, 9 Retweets. How'd your week go? via
Lengthy but fascinating, like TRUE DETECTIVE itself. “@VanityFair: An in-depth look at the mind that created Rust Cohle: //”
Massive! “@FrankGirardot: Massive ‘True Detective’ porn star orgy filmed in #Pasadena
How I did on Twitter this week: 7 New Followers, 947 Retweet Reach, 2 Favorited. How'd your week go? via
June 4th is National Hug Your Cat Day (Zeena with familiar at SLM symposium in 2006).
June 1st is #SaySomethingNiceDay Thanks to all the directors, talent, crews, staff, retailers & fans who make Wicked Pictures the best.
I extend my sincerest condolences to Vice President Joe Biden on the death of his son Beau.…
Good job @BuzzFeed! “@PennyRed: Patriarchy Is Prettiest When It's On Fire:… my piece on #MadMaxFuryRoad for @BuzzFeed
Most. Excellent. “@PennyRed: Patriarchy Is Prettiest When It's On Fire:… my piece on #MadMaxFuryRoad for @BuzzFeed
Having 36 GBs of data on my phone every month makes me feel invincible.
At least western remakes and reboots. “@Mikey_Ender: @RoadsToMoscow You'd think he'd stay away from westerns after Wild Wild West.”
Featuring #jadensmithtweets as Borgnine. “@mikeharrelson1: Will Smith lassoes lead in Wild Bunch remake
#WhatALovelyDay@filmystic: #MadMaxFuryRoad 25 on the IMDb Top 250, right below Silence of the Lambs and just above It's a Wonderful Life.”
#WhatALovelyDay@geekgirldiva: Um. Has anyone seen my face? #MadMaxFuryRoad seems to have melted it off.”
PM received via a dating profile: "Dan, you are handsome...but deep into some dangerous stuff...but handsome!" o_O
How I did on Twitter this week: 3 New Followers, 9 Mentions, 471K Mention Reach. Want to grow your numbers?
#FURIOSA@Daynastunts: One of my MANY days in the wastelands as Furiosa Stunt Double on #MadMaxFuryRoad
#WhatALovelyDay@Variety: George Miller Promises ‘More Max,’ Starting With ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’
Um, damn. “@RottenTomatoes: #MadMaxFuryRoad is Certified Fresh at 99% w/ 185 reviews > 🍅@wbpicturess@CharlizeAfricaa”
Glad to see this brilliance preserved! “@Crucifixio: I was blown away by #MadMaxFuryRoad. Then I got to thinking...
When Max has a critical shot to make, only 3 rounds, misses twices and hands Furiosa the rifle instead...that sums up #MadMaxFuryRoad
Retweeted by Daniel / LorqVonRay
“Ooooh, that’s fast…I feel like someone just gave me some VERYgood news!” #MadMenFinale
Satanic Temple? Nah, just mi casa. Rock & Roll is my religion, and Jimi is the High Prophet. Services held nightly.
Precisely. “@REELWORD: #Max has returned & refuelled the #action genre in the process." Our #MadMaxFuryRoad #review:"
#MadMaxFuryRoad is the cinematic equivalent of drinking a vodka redbull during a masterclass about gender dynamics aboard the bus from Speed
Retweeted by Daniel / LorqVonRay
LOL. “@ElyseWillems: When the Citadel doesn't offer Invisalign but your molars comin' in hard. #MadMaxFuryRoad
There is a moment in #MadMaxFuryRoad w/ a sniper rifle, Max, & Furiosa that had me clapping in glee. It will make misogynists froth w/ rage
Retweeted by Daniel / LorqVonRay
What a beautiful and feminist and chaotic piece of work. George Miller, you are a magician to me. #MadMaxFuryRoad
#Nice@JLennon_Quotes: You know life can be long, And you got to be so strong, And the world is so tough, Sometimes I feel Ive had enough."

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