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Royal Kings & Queens
Focus on what you do and leave what everyone else is doing, alone.
You can't give up, you never know how close you are to success.
Behind every successful person is a lot of unsuccessful years.
It's not about how much skill or talent you have it's about how hard your willing to work.
Don't stop working towards what your want!
Never allow anyone to stop you from making your dreams your reality.
You determine your own success.
Have a dream? Make it your reality.
Don't work harder, work smarter.
Your dream doesn't have an expiration date.
Be happy doing what you truly love.
Every boss started as a worker.
Success takes time, so never give up.
Nothing worth having comes easy.
Achieving your goals can change your life.
Never stop hustling.
You have to be the smartest person in the room.
Support those that support you! #bottomline
You are the crafter of your own world.
You can't give up because you never know how close you are.
Your competition may work hard, but you should be working harder.
Focus on your dreams.
You define you future.
@RKQA_SOCIETY Yo guys thanks for the support! Looking forward to seeing your relaunch! CLT represent :)
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Quitters never win, and winners never quit.
Your competition should be your motivation, not your intimidation.
People are going to talk about you if you do bad or good... So expect it!
You can't love someone if you don't learn to love yourself.
We have worked to hard, and come to far to turn back now.
You can never allow yourself to give up!
The only person you should be trying to outdo, is yourself!
Always exceed your own expectations.
Creativity comes from within.
Do what makes you happy no matter what!
You can't wait for success to find you, you have to create your own success!
Success has no limits.
Create your own success.
Each and every day we are given another chance.