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Royal Kings & Queens
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The first step towards success is believing in yourself. #RKQA
Stop holding yourself back, if your not happy make a change.
Always stay ten steps ahead.
Opportunity is everything.
As soon as your able to... Always give back! #RKQA
Never change who you are for the wrong reasons.
We craft our own world. #RKQA
Do what you believe in no matter what! #RKQA
Create your own happiness.
The only way you can make it to the top is by starting at the bottom.
You can achieve whatever you set your focus on. #RKQA
If your born poor it's not your fault. But if you die poor, it's your fault. #Billgates #RKQA
Being creative is something we do - #RKQA
Everybody loves you until you become competition.
It's one thing to keep dreaming and another to take action. #RKQa
A man with the least will often be the first to offer his two cents, rather than a man that has everything. #RKQA
Wealth requires self control.
Go after your dreams and turn them into your reality. #RKQA
You achieve only as you are determined to achieve.
Nothing worthwhile ever happens quickly or easily. #RKQA
KEEP working hard for the things that you want! #RKQA
Let your faith be greater than your fears.
What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.
Great things never came from comfort zones.
Make more moves and less announcements.
Never reveal everything you know.
They never believe in you until you make it.
Work hard and dream big. #RKQA
Invent your own future. #RKQA
Support your friends.
Inspire others from what inspired you. #RKQA
Once you make it, help other make it too! #RKQA
They say know your limits.... So we ask, what limits!? -RKQA
Dreams come true if your persistence. #RKQA
Stay humble and keep focused through out all your success.
The moment you give up is the moment you fail. #RKQA
If you want something, work for it, then go get it! - RKQA
Some people are in your life just to distract you...
Surround yourself around people that make you a better you. #RKQA
Change for no one but yourself. #RKQA
Figure out what others couldn't and become what others failed to be. #success #RKQA
The only option is success.
We've come to far to turn back now! #RKQA
Create your own happiness. #RKQA
We never fail, our time just hasn't come yet. #RKQA
You can't over success. #RKQa
Never doubt your creativity, talent and skills.
If your life is not going the way you planned for it to be, change it! #RKQA