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The only person you should strive to be better than, is the person you were yesterday
Nothing is more attractive than loyalty😆
Fake ass bitches man I swear 😂✌️
Where can I find that at 😍😍😍�
Why all these hoes salty for ?
He's having sex with a ghost 😂😭
A man knows who his heart belongs to. you can cook his food in diamond oil & do a split on his dick, but if it ain't you.. it ain't you💯
people will notice the change in your attitude towards them but won't notice their behavior that made you change
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i didn't cut you off for no reason.. i cut you off Because you didn't make me a better person and that's what i need right now.
@JaunTheGoat: Don't "😏" me unless you bout to deep throat this dick.”😂😂😂
I don't hold grudges✋😒. We good👍. You might not ever hear👂from me again... but we good👌
#Wcw #Wce this Is Bae she's literally the best thing that happened to me ❤️😘 peep her face at the end 😂
Subtweeting? Bitch you better act like Destiny's Child and say my name!👏👏👌
Dropped everyone for myself 😂💪
Rather be alone than unhappy ✌️
It's not right but it's okay I'm gonna make it anyway 💪👌
Know your place when you live at my house 😪🙌
Stoner friends are the best friend's...😋🍁
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I just love living with C'erina and RJ honestly 💕
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Friends are like petals on a flower together there beautiful and make people smile but eventually petals fall off and drift off in the wind
People be like "I'm loyal"...👼😇 Then turn around and do some fake shit👎😧
Smoking some fatty's with Ce'Rina and RJ
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Weed can turn strangers into bestfriends 😂😂👫👭👫😚💨🍃💯
I could care less if somebody talk shit about me 😂😂 i love that free promotion 💯
Rubbing a soft booty is the best feeling 👌🙌😩
i probably get sneak dissed everyday 🙌 😂 but if it ain't directed its not respected 👋😆
If you don't fwm 🚫👌 ... I don't fuck with yo#Simplele ✊✌️✋
I'm addicted to blowin dope 💨🍃⛽
understand who's down for you ✊ and who's down for the moment✌️... real recognize real 👀 but real recognize fake too 💯
I dont have a lot of friends but im cool with that 👌 these days friends do the same thing enemies do 🚫✌️ ........IM GOOD 💯✊
friends come and go 😪 so i dont stress when a "friend" decides to change up 💯
Everybody out here searching for love 💏😍👫💍 im just searching for my lighter so i can light this blunt 🔥🍃💨💯
Some of my most prized possessions are the insults that never left my head👌
People be so irrelevant 😂💁
goodnight twitteer ✊✊ seeing rj and ty tommorow😌😌
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Let's just have great sex & get all this muthafuckin money 😌💵👏
females go thru alot of shit, some niggas just don't understand that.
females "okay , Bye" game strong asf 💪😂
Ask me if i give a fuck 😂💁
Lol I don't stress anyone of these "Friends" In Woonsocket😂✋
Session with Ce'Rina & RJ 👪💓
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You can't sit with us, you can't hit this blunt! ✌️

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