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I never switched up on anybody 🙅🏼💆🏼✋🏻. You either pushed me away 🚶 or left me hanging 😆✌🏻️
Mentally somewhere else 💭
Omg it's been so busy at work for the past 3 days 😩�#priceritet#killmeme
Oh shit kassy got hands 👀👊🏻
Working all weekend just what I wanted to do 😩
wow i wish i had rich parents and a trust fund but i got this blunt and this wine so lifes ok
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Gotta stop fucking with people who pick and choose when to fuck with you 🙌🏻💯
#Pricerite #flawless
Maybe one day I will be good enough to be kept around.
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If you still go to the Wack ass carnival in Woonsocket your lame 😂✋🏻
Stop letting a nigga do you wrong just cause yall got history ✌🏻️
Music makes me so happy an instantly Changes my mood who needs friends honestly😏🙌🏻
Words never mean shit😴, they just good to hear
U better pop lock drop that attitude💫
Bitch I'm not the one I swear I'm gonna smack the shit outta some of these customers at pricerite not my fault your broke an can't pay 😤
Change helps you lose friends, losing friends helps you learn to do you, and learning to do you only helps you win🙌🏻
When you work with someone who's sexy af 😍😋
My Pricerite #crew 😆
Sam Cooke- I was born by the river. 👌🙌
@RJTHEFUNNY1 send me a DM with your address and I'll see what I can do!
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I heard nothing but great things about your product can I get sample package? I only have ever had naked juice products @BolthouseFarms
Time after time, my "friends" have shown me their true colors. Yet, I still wanted to believe they were sorry for causing me pain😪
When you get to sit an do nothing at work because we lost power an threw away most of the stores products 😂�#priceritete
💞 R.O.D. Only one that's been there for me & has never left #Ilovemysister
Got my license awhile ago now just waiting for my car at the end of the month 😍🙌
Fun summer nights 😍💞👌
The only person you should strive to be better than, is the person you were yesterday
Nothing is more attractive than loyalty😆
Fake ass bitches man I swear 😂✌️
Where can I find that at 😍😍😍�ZL2ZIf
Why all these hoes salty for ?
He's having sex with a ghost 😂😭
A man knows who his heart belongs to. you can cook his food in diamond oil & do a split on his dick, but if it ain't you.. it ain't you💯
people will notice the change in your attitude towards them but won't notice their behavior that made you change
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i didn't cut you off for no reason.. i cut you off Because you didn't make me a better person and that's what i need right now.
@JaunTheGoat: Don't "😏" me unless you bout to deep throat this dick.”😂😂😂
I don't hold grudges✋😒. We good👍. You might not ever hear👂from me again... but we good👌
#Wcw #Wce this Is Bae she's literally the best thing that happened to me ❤️😘 peep her face at the end 😂
Subtweeting? Bitch you better act like Destiny's Child and say my name!👏👏👌
Dropped everyone for myself 😂💪
Rather be alone than unhappy ✌️
It's not right but it's okay I'm gonna make it anyway 💪👌
Know your place when you live at my house 😪🙌
Stoner friends are the best friend's...😋🍁
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I just love living with C'erina and RJ honestly 💕
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