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Rip Joan rivers you were a legend
Growing up means realizing a lot of your "friends" aren't really your friends👌
if you drop your friends just for your bf or gf then you're dumb and don't deserve friends smh 🙌✌️👏
Pool an blunts with Cassi & Krystina❤️
I care enough to notice but never enough to let it get to me 💯
my " cut off list " is just getting longer an longer ✂️📜😌
Lmfao 😂 so I got fired
this summer has been a disappointment🚮
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there's levels to your contact name😂once you fuck up you lose the emojis next to it 😭 & you gotta earn that shit back mf 😒😩😤😂
Don't fuck with me if you ain't for real 💯👌😒
I think it's funny how people say ooh don't worry we will chill.... Like it's almost the end of summer an I'm done waiting for you 😂✋
No matter how good you are to people, some won't appreciate it.🙇😒🙌💯
I will always love #oomf, always. ✊
do you ever write a message but halfway through you think “you know what fuck it they dont even care” and delete it.
I forgive but I never forget.. 🙅 Once you cross that line you stay there.. 😾👉💯
It's crazy but I'm the happiest when I'm alone.... fuck having friends I keep to myself an do me regardless 👌📕
MySpace - Never Again. 🚫😷 Facebook - Watch Fights. 👊💁🙋 Instagram - When I'm Bored. 😒✌ Twitter - All The Time. 🙏😜
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Handjob and fingering techniques since the 90s 😂
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Live fast die young that's my choice 👌💯
People always have my name in my their mouth but never says anything to my face. Love the rumors 😘
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Drama - they say they hate it, but in reality they create it✋💯
hate how distant me and #oomf have become. 😔
my main focus is to get my shit together
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The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and the happiness we bring in each other's life @d_oxo ❤️
If I cry in front of u😭 then I'm really hurting😫 I HATE crying in front of ppl I feel weak like I'm begging for sympathy & that's not me😒
It ain't nun to cut that bitch off .. SNIP SNIP HOE ✂️
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Had the best day with my bestfriend❤️ @D_oxo
Going on the bus is like,an adventure for me Lmfao😂😭
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Beach with Bestfriend ❤️ @D_oxo
#WCW 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️ she's perfection 👌
Sometimes I wish I could just do me without somebody having something to say about it😒✋
Your reason why I'm dancing in the mirror an singing In the shower🎵🎧
I'm a "idc" person, like really it is what it is....
just be real with me, because that's what's going to keep you around✊💯
idk who are my true friends are anymore 😪
Thinking about all them old memories 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫😥 missing them
I gotta have my Starbucks everyday 😍👌
i keep my personal life private , don't think you know me , you only know what i allow you to know.💁💯
no regrets. just lessons learned ✔️
I've been wasting time on A LOT of people. I'm done..