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This is typical lily
I think I'm gunna cry at this news #RIPDreams #RIPIoW
Literally nothing can insult #perksofbeingugly
I just want a baby sloth pet ok
'I'm getting fat' - he says staring at the microwave as his sweet popcorn packet inflates with oil and sugar
I'm so happy that #Sense8 has been renewed for a second season, @netflix u did good to me for once
I love how there's so much rave for #FantasticFour and it's being shat on by literally every film critic out there
After revamping my room I don't think I'll ever want to leave
WHAT ARE YOUR SOURCES???? I need this to be true 😂�…Vw
When the person you hate is talking
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If she wasn't related to me I would have left her at the shops
Babies are SoOoooo stressful
A friendly reminder that in the comics, Natasha Romanoff is worthy of the Mjolnir.
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Ikea diet coke tastes really good like wtf
Throwing me shade from the shade
My otp is Deadpool and Harley 4eva
I just saw extracts of Heath Ledgers diary during the filming of The Dark Knight and now I'm sad :(((((((((((
@rjcini amen can I get a fucking witness
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Like honestly some of the things they got rid of In The Flesh for is ridiculous
BBC three need to stop putting bad shows on, just stick to family guy and the stacy dooly documentaries
Can people stop retweet in camel ride tweets on to my newsfeed coz idgaf about a shitty game Thank ☺
Just sitting here staring at the beauty that is the left hand side of my bedroom ☺
Why did @Tinashe take a good song and put iggy in it 😕
After about 3 and half hours my room is free of dust
I'm trying to estimate how bad the attempt at a DC movie universe is going to be
I'm both really looking forward to IoW and dreading it at the same time
I'm such a nice person tho
sometimes I feel like becoming a batman trash account, but there's only so much people can hate me on here 😅
When will people realise that Robin Thicke is white trash
“Sometimes not telling people anything is a good thing.”
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I really wanna go Wales again but I have no idea why
Why are babies so problematic
Looking forward to tonight eeee
Well summer is just toooo chill
On that fresh haircut type of vibe
This is a messy and unproductive day
I am a physical representation of the album 'How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful'
What I mean is I want a dog
I need to make a friend that hasn't been made through other friends. This position is available to all specimens & species. Including dogs.
I have a serious condition ok, being ugly is really damaging to my life gains
*bought. Come on @twitter I'm in need of an edit button
I cas brought the communist manifesto for 80p today just because
mmm avocado, mmm pesto, mmm rocket, mmm mozzarella, mmm pama ham mmm...

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