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My bag strap broke not once but twice. Not only that, I then proceeded to trip over it. Life 😊
This is not the right time in my life for my email to stop working 😭😭😭
Why are London buses so problematic 😊😊😊😊
Everything tastes nice with avocado
I don't understand how some people are walking around in full clothing in this weather
*snapchat story featuring the temperature* literally everyone today
My fan is just blowing hot air at me and I don't appreciate if one bit
This weather makes me understand why the Spanish have siestas
I just waked my head on the back of my chair and I think everyone thought I was sleeping πŸ˜₯
Like when did it become 'cool' to be an absolute cunt?
My school is full of homophobic misogynist rich pricks. And I'm not even talking about the teachers yet.
In some parallel universe, my family aren't arse butts
I'm so happy I'm scraping in on this trip πŸ˜„
Double standard bigots
I hate my household
They were playing @MarinasDiamonds at work today ☺☺
I'm too tired for work and this heat doesn't make it easier
I ironed for the first time today, It was exhilarating
But on the plus side today was soooo good
I've been on my feet for 12 hours. My feet are dead
Everyone is late, and this is why I usually show up late
An extremist anything is pretty stupid tbh
Glad the weather is good, it's v rare you see me in shorts and a vest top
It's too early to be awake on a Saturday 😩
Humanity gained in America today. Humanity lost in Tunisia today. The constant seesaw between good and evil
When you're so tired and you go beyond caring
Lana Del Rays 'summer time sadness' is me rn
When is summer gunna start getting good???
Never again will I sign up for something because it has *free* in the title. I've spent money. It ain't free.
Is it insulting if you use it ironically with friends?
I rly don't know what's up with my body rn, heigh fever gone wild, forever tired, never hungry. I don't feel like this is purely the weather
Yes I got paid thank the Lord I can survive going out now
Fingers crossed I finish my coursework by this Sunday. Please. I want to be free.
obama: racism is real media: ... obama: racial tension in the US is a serious issue media: ... obama: "nigger" media: OOO U SAID A BAD WORD
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I feel like everyone is ill rn
I really wanna go to Japan πŸ˜”πŸŒΈ
This is some nasty British traffic
Dear Dad, thank you for being the reason I met my therapist. #HappyFathersDay
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This is not the type of weather we wanna take a road trip on
I hadn't touched my camera in so long I'd forgotten where the battery was. It feels neglected.
Why do my games always take super long to download when I want to play them the most
AHS Hotel: - Will be darker and bloodier. - Evan and Sarah are playing villains. - No musical numbers
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I've don't nothing today. I'm more hopeless than society.
Thinking back to yesterdays #OITNB marathon. The Norma religion made me really uncomfortable. And I hate alot more people than I used to
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