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My grandparents garden is aesthetically pleasing
I find it hard to call you an author if your book is about yourself
Yeah but we already know this…
Goodbye, I'm going to die in this car. I can't even get the window down, I feel like a helpless dog 😥�#heatwavev2G
I should be saving my money for holiday but it's alot more fun to spend it
I never understood why Americans put a thick layer of sun scream on their nose???????
New shoes today 😍
I'm not very good at games yet I spend so much time playing them. What am I
Cecil The Lions Cubs Being Protected By His Brother Since His Death ( this is fucking adorable, love it
This has been a pretty mundane summer ngl
if you only keep the friends in your life that won't call you out on your mistakes, you'll lose touch REAL QUICK
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Ima stop replying coz I'm just bugging myself now 😂😂
Heaven is a place on earth with you. Tell me all the things you wanna do.
I find it funny how windows 10 has already been such a flop for so many people
I'm really craving merch rn
I miss pokemon 😳
'I'm not passing judgment on her sexual life I'm passing judgment on the way she always stuck her knife In my back... ' @MarinasDiamonds
'Well, I guess it's just what humans do Hook up with other people until it all falls through' @MarinasDiamonds
I have now broken the main computer in the process. How did I pass IT?
My laptop is a pile of shit
Meninism isn't an answer to inequality.
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I'm disappointed with my hopes of windows 10
I weirdly like the Jersey Boys film
I don't see the link between Netflix and sex. The phrase chill and Netflix is lost on me. No I want to watch my shows stop.
Hopefully after 4+ hours of downloading this game I can actually run it
Why is my Internet behaving like this, this is unacceptable
Heyyyy @Microsoft where's my update bby?
However it's quite warm today, I think I'll take it off for now 😣
As you can see I'm ecstatic over my Game Of Thrones jumper, don't judge me #GOT #GameofThrones
Going to cherish the days until results day whilst my parents still love me
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This is so true
I don't believe in this crap but kinda true…
Listening to Fleetwood Mac this late makes me feel content with life
Oh I do make myself laugh
I'm too generous with my friendship these days
Just because something looks good doesn't mean it willlll look good (on youuu)
It's scary how #HTGAWM can actuslly show you how to kill someone and get away with it
@rjcini that too, would be an honour !! to have sirius do anything to me would be an honour, even look in my general direction
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so were you also a person of color when this was happening @kaitlin_thomas_
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and that feminism isn't just about equality for women but equality for evoke is hard when their minds are cemented shut
Trying to explain to people that feminists aren't just women (1)
if u don't have friends who would do this with you then you need new friends
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The best thing about my mum being a TA is that I get to eat all the chocolate she gets at summer and Christmas 😋😋😋

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