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Eating a top pecan cake 👌#gettingfatt
Hey God can I like rewind back to last and year and change a few things around please
Loving this weather today can't wait to spend another 4hours a standing in it 😅😅
Bored of this life, can't I just go onto the next one
I'm usually a scrooge at Christmas but this time round I feel abit more happy about it 😄
So much back pain from standing
Think I made a rly bad choice for clothes for today I hope work don't give me shit 😯😯
Dam I hope no one mugs me for my panto flyers that'd be so bad right
Flyer time in ctown
@isabvlla: Never related so much to a gif in my life” us on Christmas @rjcini @SamSamjcollins
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I think @imacelebrity should aim to get one of the Kardashian/Jenner sisters on
Me: when is dinner ready? Dad: will you wait! Me: I DID MY WAITING Dad: oh god Me: TWELVE YEARS OF IT Dad: not again Me: IN AZKABAN
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The more I listen to @Sia album the more I love it
So f'in livid
No work stop timetabling for times I'm in college urgh
My bus driver is gunna get me killed
I'm at a standstill
They moving up
Usually I forget and he rings from outside, today I was a day early and waited for 30 mins outside of school go me
Why can I never remember my driving lessons
What I heard today truly saddens me and reminds me reminds me this world absolutely sucks
Asda no stop playing one directions new album I don't want it
I'm a celeb back on tonight, I've been in need of pointless tv for my evenings
That morning after feel
.... New pp yayy
Party tonight 🎉🎉 you know what that means....
how do i get abs without doing anything
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Ahaha they think I'm gunna spend my first pay check on them 😂😂😂😂
The fact that my sixth form team actually gave me a good pep talk today made me feel bad for all the times I called them crappy
kmt at school on a Friday
To send UCAS off or not to send UCAS, idgaf
Mmmm this rain tho
Don't rly wanna go uni anymore
On route home thankdalord
Everyone giving me weird looks on the bus 👀 do I look that bad?
At least I've been given the all good to wonder off to Starbucks at lunch👌
Love going on a trip that I haven't a clue about, gives my day abit of surprise tbh
I only got to watch the last 40 mins, but Lee Nelson was soo funny tonight
But that's 90% of people's conversation so it'd be dead otherwise
We'd all be surprised how much time we spend hating on other people and not realising
My new favorite place is work because people aren't fucking annoying
Despite having English, today has been a rly good day
Can't. Keep. My. Eyes. OPEN 😩😩😩
When you're with a co worker that you don't rly know and it's just awkward silence for like an hour 😧😧😅
If I could do it myself I would so please if u ain't doing nothing say so
Is it too much to ask for the easy celeb do nothing all day and get money
I mean I didn't like pizza hut that much to begin with, this just topped it all