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I have a billion things to do today urgh 😧
That was such a good sleep omg
I'm buzzing for this weekend, even tho I have absolutely nothing planned
It's always nice coming out for lunch and getting swarmed by business people
Can uneducated americans stop using religion to 'justify' their homophobic, racist, islamaphobic slander. Deal with the fact ur a douche
I already feel like my like is just falling apart v quickly
When the director of medicine and science stuff let's you leave work early because she's a nice person 👌👌👌
Yesterday I dressed too formal for work and today I feel like I'm too informal. I need new clothes
People are gunna need to get use to me sleeping at 9/10 at night and replying at 6 in the morning
I can't stop listening to Hooked on Feeling help me
I'm such an awkward mess this morning
There's a limited supply of people smaller than me and that sucks
Urgh I hate that this summer is over
There's so much to fill out for work and it's so fricking stressful
I had such a great day and spent so much money. Ah life
I was sent the contracts for work today. How daunting
I blame societies emphasis and importance for masculinity as the reason why I can't have a functioning relationship. Bye.
I rly can't stand hollyoaks
I'm home now 😩😭
Yeah the media is portraying nicki v negatively No, I don't think it was a valid response towards miley
I don't want to come home today 😦
I didn't think the number of beggars in Rome would be this high. It's both upsetting and unsettling.
Note to self: never wear a three piece suite in 35 degree weather again
I've been without my phone for two days coz I left it on a taxi in Rome. I am a disaster
En route airport 😎 ✈ ✈
I'm up and ready to leave, get me away from this foul country
ryan changed my name on his phone to 'miss black' bc sirius I am so honoured
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coz I'm a fucking nice and spontaneous person…
I feel like a five year old on Christmas Eve. I'm too excited for tomoz 😄✌
I've spent half my earnings today lord help me
Newspapers here are either biased to shit or every single story is about something sexual or with sexual undertones. #WhereTheActualNewsAt
If #FearTheWalkingDead is as good as #TheWalkingDead, then I am going to be one happy human
I rly wanna meet @MileyCyrus and just give her a hug
I can not take this child's excessive screaming anymore
What I've gathered over the last few days on my time line is that @padfootsmoonys has many wives
#TwitterMadeMeStart getting involved with social matters and i'm so grateful
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I had my first visit to the vet today. They are much nicer than the GP
Ok I joke, it was rly good
Les Mis was ok
That weathers actually depressing

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