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Rizzle Kicks
Wenger, you know exactly what's coming now mate.
TRAILER 2: Glue | This September | E4
Thanks @NandosUK for showing love at The @GuvnorsFilm Premiere last week
Our boy @dj_odin absolutely owning his set at Hoxton Bar and Grill. LOVE YOU BABESSS.
Sometimes I remember that Martin Freeman was in Ali G Indahouse and it makes my day better.
At the premier of @guvnorsfilm last night. Out in cinemas tomorrow. Go and watch it if you wanna see me play a crazy muddafucka.
R.I.P Richard Attenborough. A truly wonderful man. You will be missed x
This united game is fuckin hilarious.
Saving these for when we have kids. Every child should have a doll of their father. #NoTeddyBearsAllowed.
Need to get me a hot water tap. However I'm not sure I should make it easier for myself to make tea.
Yesterday was amazing! Thank u beautiful audiences for 2 wonderful shows! Met this joker @RizzleKicks #AmIRightLadies
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Lost photo from an original Run-D.M.C photoshoot. @mikillpane @harrycauty. @jakegosling
I love Mean Girls.
TEAM! Help a sista out! 1 night only of What Would Beyonce Do?! Tonight, @FollowTheCow 00.45 Help me sell it out! RT…
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A girl I met this morning referred to a man she found attractive as a 'regulation hottie'. Banter.
Seen amazing stuff in Edinburgh already - Tim Key, Rob Auton, Jessie Cave, The Church of Zirconia, David Elms, Mush & Me, Ellie White - Yes!
@RizzleKicks, by far my favourite album. "Told her that I'm really good with the words, Doesn't have the same effect when they're slurred"
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So the people I nominated already did it so I now nominate @skeptagram @poulterwill
CHEERS FOR THE NOMINATION @jackwhitehall. I nominate @ritaora @charley_rixton @danny_rixton @jake_rixton @lewi_rixton and @bensmallwood13
Am at Edinburgh Festival and really enjoying it. Suggestions welcome!
Jack jacked my hat. @jackwhitehall.
V festival yesterday. Bloody wicked! Day 2.
Yeeeeeeessssss everybody go and get the @SineadHarnett - N.O.W EP!!!!
Morning! Has everyone got their copy of Tell Her???! #ToInfinityAndBeyondMotherTruckers
Sorry @thewhitmore had to post this.
This Morning. Bad boy. Ruth and Eamonn straight killin' it.
.@RizzleKicks will be taking over our Twitter TODAY at 1PM! Get your questions in now using #MTVaskRizzleKicks
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Us and the 'Nice Guys'.
ICYMI @RizzleKicks swung by @BBCRadio2 to chat with Steve Wright & spin latest single 'Tell Her', listen back here
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RIP. Very important message > RT @theCALMzone: CALM's official response following the tragic death of Robin Williams:
Everyone that loves me retweet this so peeps will come and see our show later for @theCALMzone
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Big up everyone supporting! 🐶🐺🐱🐯🐨🐻👍 LOVE.
This is happening tomorrow if you wanna get involved. #socialmedia
THE BOYS. #TellHerOutNow
TELL HER IS RELEASED TODAY!! You can download the new single on iTunes now: Big love to everyone who's got a copy!
Yes!! RT @TinieThings: GUESS WHAT I SPENT THE LAST OF MY ITUNES MONEY ON??? @RizzleKicks #TellHer