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Rizka Mitayani 
Downloading iTunes always takes ages for me, but i keep on doing it. -.-
I am one of them! RT @iPhoneTeam: Apple Music now has 11 Million (Trial) Subscribers
Oooh I think that I found myself a cheeseburger, she is always right there when I need her. #lame #cheerleader #failed
I'm not being sarcastic, i am being a straight to the point talker.
90% of people who are sleeping at 9 PM must be lame, and i am 10% cooler because i'm sleeping, on the way home.
Hey, do you know how to hack a person's email password? What? Since i am an information tech bachelor doesn't make me a hacker you morron!
Sometimes, i get too tired of being asked everything like i am freaking Google!
“What language are you speaking?” “I speak fluent Sarcasm”
Ex : Can you lend me some money? You : (mood drops) Oh, i'm sorry, i ran out cash. Exact meaning : I'm not doing the same mistakes twice.
Are you on Snapchat? Yes, i guess so, but i don't think my friends are also into that. Well, you might be the 1st! Its always been good.
Each time i want to brag and show off, i remember that there are people who are much better than me but keep being silence.
Why the hell LA and JKT should have 14 hours time difference? Sigh. 😔
I hope one day you'll realize how you were never alone. Because you were here once i've always been with you, even when you were out searching for your self. 💡#dayout #gopro #gproid
Sibling tags #EidMubarak1436H
And in Sujood, i found what i lost. #EidPrayer #GoPro
“ dan hendaklah mereka memaafkan dan berlapang dada. Apakah kamu tidak ingin bahwa Allah mengampunimu? ” (QS. An-Nur: 22) Karena, Allah tidak akan memaafkan seseorang atas kesalahan yang pernah diperbuatnya dengan sesama manusia, sebelum diantara mereka sendiri dapat saling memaafkan. SELAMAT HARI
Reminiscing the natural born conceptor hero : Steve Jobs was introducing apple iPhone back at 2007 #SteveJobs #applefan #lego #nanoblock #diamondblock
Mouths are full of foods 😝 #latepost #gopro
Flames the night out 🔥🔥🔥 #latepost #timelapse #gopro
📷 time you enjoy taking selfies is not a wasted time 🙎🏻
Timelapse video PFP Iftar gathering. #timelapse #gopro #iftar
Product Features Development Breakfasting 😊 #iftar #ramadhan
Ms. Lecturers 👓 #photooftheday
Susah ya order @gojekindonesia. Tiap kali nunggu lama bgt cm buat jarak deket/jauh. Bisa di jelasin gak kenapa? Pdhl gambar motornya banyak.
When life gets you a lemon, make sure you know how to make a juice and drink it with best people. #enjoyinglife #gopro
Glitter breakfasting night with the babes 😘😍 #clique #gopro
The whole day streaming @OliWhiteTV. Am i looking younger than my age now? 😆
You know what i hate more than a rat? A poor wifi connection. I repeat. A POOR WIFI CONNECTION. *sigh*
Feeling good about decorating cute little things 💜💛💚💙 #cordprotector #cableclip
RT @missciccone: And now you know why no matter how close you are to me, you will never ever be that close.
Sharing loves and laughs with the baes. #bestpeople #breakfasting #latepost 👫👬👭
I have no idea about 40 % of my line contacts and where they are coming from.
BUILDING BLOCKS TIMELAPSE VIDEO 👾 for full version video click [link in bio] #timelapse #gopro #nanoblock #diamondblock
1st time doing brick building. It was fun yet entertaining. #nanoblock #diamondblock
▫️◽️◻️square day◼️◾️▪️
Everything will be alright If we just keep feeling like we're 22. My birthday din din! 🙅🏻🙆🏻🙋🏻
Its all said #quoteonthewall
There is something worth trading with money: happiness. Central Bank at Sunny day ☀️
Thank you for the wishes, the cakes, the gifts and the loves 😊#BirthdayWeek
With Bride and Groom in the background #NukePrioWedding
Bad news is : you cannot make people like, love, understand, validate, accept or be nice to you. Good news is : It doesn't matter as long as you have people who take you as you are. Keep them ❤️ #friendship #familytag #clique
Love what loves you but do not hate what hates you for the hate is the burden that will exhaust the stars within you. 💫
For the sake of old times #gopro #goproid
How could we not talk about family when family's all that we got? #GoPro #goproid
I'm not getting used to call these people as Friends, they are Family who were born under different last names. #friendship #family
Busy day waiting ⌛️⏳
Sometimes we need to look up just to motivate our self. 🔝 #GoPro #GoProID

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