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When my mate asked me to get him the pink bag, Helpful. πŸ‘ŠοΏ½
When you go out for the first time after breaking up with your ex...
This wet dog looks like its bringing out the biggest album of 2015 πŸ˜‚
I wish i was a Unicorn... Then i could stab idiots with my head!
I have a dilema, its kinda been haunting me for a few days now and Im losing sleep over it..... Cadburys or Galaxy?!?
Before you go onto Facebook..
Ever talked to someone so stupid they make you squint??
If you think about it.. That prince in snow white found a random corpse in the middle of the woods and kissed it.. Interesting tactic. ...
And winner of best restaurant goes to...
I like that sound you make when you SHUT UP!
Remember the time you spoke to that person you fancied and as you were talking your chewing gum flew out your mouth and on to their trous...
Im allergic to food, I break out in 'fat'
You know when you start talking and realise no ones listening so you just try and fade out without people noticing? Yeah, Me. ...
I get annoyed when it wakes me up and I get annoyed when it doesn't, My alarm clock must hate me #sorrymate
You dont know what you got until.. You clean your room! #foundit
If youre stuck for anything to do, go here, - download the app and thank me later #band #youarewelcome #sexy
I might look calm to you, but in my head ive killed you about 8 times #angermanagement
Everyone loves that 'lets see how far I can lean off the bed to grab that thing' game! #classic
New song tomorrow... (Little bit excited!) whoever doesn't have the app... Get it now
No one actually laughs out loud at things on the internet, they just blow more air out of their nose than usual #lol
People actually like this πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ™ˆ...…Zas
@Rob_MrSmith just had a listen on your app! Loved your music/songs..πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ˜Š
Retweeted by Rob
Check out local band Mr Smith's new app. Please click the link @Rob_MrSmith
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Having a coffee in a take away cup, sitting in the cafe to drink it, I'm a right maniac sometimes #canttameme #coffee
Its monday afternoon and im like this aready.. #monday
Im not sure about these new anti fraud features on #cash machines atm... #money
If I could portray how I felt on a Monday morning, this would be the photo I'd use #disaster #Monday
The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest. #monday #work
My mate bought me some new cereal to try, nice bloke. #morning #cereal #ishetryingtotellmesomething ...

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