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Rinette Gayoma
how do I do that 8888th tweet to BIGBANG/ G-Dragon when I still got over 400 tweets to go and only a day left? T____T
YG never fails to make me fall. <3 #YGfamily #WINNER ♫ 2014 S/S – WINNER #NowPlaying
Today, I slept all day.
MY FEELS, EXACTLY :) ♫ I don't need a man (남자 없이 잘 살아) – miss A #NowPlaying
Nica D. on my playlist right now #NP I Knew
I had a lot of icecream for the week i dont think i can stomach some more x_x
Today stats: No new followers, One unfollower via
One from work, one from kpop, one from Tarlac. Good thing none of them's from school hohoho acadmode
I just keep on tweeting
Sister is praning over upcat. Lol
Too bad, I can't bring you food today. :|
@rinuttella yeah sure "technical problems"... Such BS, making Filipino masses stupid.
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Find your center. Victory. An allied has been slain. Avast virus database has been updated. North Avenue, North Avenue last station.
Home Hungry Hexausted Hannoyed.
I'm on a train called MRT, risking my life. We're currently stranded because of "technical problems". -_-
I'm changing my answer to your last Q. I think I won't, even if the dynamics permit. Haha @GintongAkabeko
#Aquarius like long term relationships and epic love affairs.
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Kung tama ako, Hello kuya @yansiToper date date ha. Hating gabi. Hehehe
Do I eat rice or do I eat fries or should I just go home and be less fat?
Today, I bloated. :))
Today stats: 2 followers, 2 unfollowers via
Salamat sa sustento, nakapaglunch kami ni sharie. :)
Tagaubos ng beer ni @theneilcutter -_- with @sarinasasaki @ TRESTO.
Today, I pledged for icecream Mondate. :)
Do you still remember what it was like when you were a #UPLB Freshman? Tweet us your memorable freshman experience! #UPLB1stdayhigh
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I'm at war w/ boss aka mom so I'm practically broke. Hope u feed me this week. Beer is fine<3 @sarinasasaki @theneilcutter @psypsyngbuhaymo
What makes a person rich? — Intelligence makes you rich in everything.
I'm still not in the proper state to be functioning as a student but the school year can't be stopped from starting. T__T
How do you spend the majority of your free time? — Sleeping.
How do you spend the majority of your free time? — Sleeping.
"I love you. Pero frankly wala akong pake. You're just another void. Soon you'll be irrelevant." - Issey, Dagitab #Cinemalaya2014
"@psypsyngbuhaymo: @rinuttella oi kamusta naman kayo ? ang yayaman niyo pala eh! :) panood nood na lang kayo ng sine hahaha" @annikagayoma
Today, I hate everyone. Fuckyou all. -_-
I just heard of a man named Shovel. I want my name to be Shovel.
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Matanglawin!! Iscreenshot niyo pag nakita niyo ko hahaha #famewhore
#NP I Could Be The One - Avicii, Nicky Romero @nickyromero @Avicii
8307! 580 tweets to go before 8888. saving it for Bigbang's 8th anniversary. hohoho #VIP
Nope. Not that stupid.
4 am! should I sleep or should I watch the sunrise in front of Trinoma to win a happy meal today? hmm
don't let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you shit about life
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"@psypsyngbuhaymo: If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were." STUPIDEST SHIT EVER