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Riley Acla
My goal in life is to have as many cute dogs as Miley Cyrus.
I've been drinking cold coffee for about an hour...tonight isnt a good night
"Lets play some death metal while driving to Disneyland"
I am a piercing deviant
Yesterday I lost my grandmother to Cancer. Rest in Peace Annie. I love you very much
I havent slept in like 27 hours and I feel awful
Been such a long day. Bed is calling.
Finished high school. Off to look for jobs.
I know hes bringing smiles to those residing in the kingdom above. Rest in Peace Jamie Gomez.
Flappy Bird is such a messed up game
Dentist checkups are so awkward for me.
I finally watched the Hobbit. Absolute great movie.
Vampires arent my forte but going to see Vampire Academy with @shayclark26 because I am an oh so good friend. ;)
New baby niece is going to be born soon. Im so excited. #auntieofthree #yesIquotedcatinthehat
My siblings may be smarter than me but guess who isn't bothered by allergies. I think we all know who the real winner is here.
I think my eyebrows are my best feature. That says a lot seeming as my eyebrows look awful.
Talking to stoned friend. "I think the best time to listen to Blink-182 is at 1:82 am"...Im not sure if thats a time buddy...
Congrats to @olobersyko and Hannah for getting engaged!
Chick-Fil-A and sparkling cider...@shayclark26 and I go hard. #smashing
Stick and poke tattoos.
Catdog at 2 am is where it's at. #eternalyouth
It's DEFINITELY in there! “@Dropdead_tx: Dude u can seriously hear @youngfuego whistle in The Depths!!! Or i think it's his whistle lol 💀💀”
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sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion!
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@dylansprouse @petewentz @KimKardashian so you may be wondering why I've gathered you here today
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