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Noval Auliady
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Do you wanna see underneath the aura
People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.
I'm unable to find love bc my standards are unrealistically high after mentally dating a celebrity for years
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Pada ngira kalo presidennya bukan Jokowi trus BBM ga akan naik yah? Pada masih halu hidup di jaman pak harto tampaknya
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mungkin sudah saatnya gue gabung di path lol
and why i always looks like a creep on group messaging
but yeah who give a fuck about people. i think i just gonna love whoever i love.
i think im a bi but im too afraid to tell anyone because i hate coming out (again)
pengen nangis deh, foto gue cetakannya gak jelas di ktp :(
im obsess with perfect eyebrows lol
do not try to fix me because im not broken.
@Novalauliady selamat hari brojol ya val, maap telat ngucapin. pokoknya makin2 dah ye lo !!
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guess what, rumah belom ada yang ngeberesin karena too tired to give a single fuck about that
Noval syg happy birthday yaaa. I-missed-u-so-freaking-damn-much, you little bitch!!!!!! Kapan ketemu nih:((( lovelove♡ @Novalauliady
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buat vla encer mulu :/
donatella versace is what i want to be when i'm 60 tbh 😍👌
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When a bitch makes a joke about one of my insecurities:
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Bitch haha why you mad? Cause my songs about you slay on the charts severely and your songs about me don't?
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why my straight friends in class do gayer things than me
alex from target is 16. fuck my entire whole fucking life.
My sexuality isn't a choice, but your religion is. So if you chose a religion that condemns people for who they are, you're an asshole.
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The rocket which was going to take Lady Gaga to the Space next year, crashed today while it was being tested.
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"Watching gay media turns kids gay" Seeing millions of straight couples on tv, movies, books, magazines, etc never made me straight.
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Celebrities my age are earning millions while I'm just sitting at home wondering what to do with my life
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Where you sit in the pop fandom is crucial, you've got everyone there.
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