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Noval Auliady
Be careful. The longer you wear a mask the harder it becomes to take off.
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*takes one good selfie* *posts on all social media accounts, makes wallpaper, sends to friends, prints out and frames, emails to obama*
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When my family asks about my life on Thanksgiving break
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I wish my grandma would just tell me I'm the princess of Genovia so I can drop out of school
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Im not afraid of your hell, pathetic homophic people.
Discrimination is an everyday problem for people like me, so sad that people say something rude just because its against their belief.
I'm a nightmare dressed like a wet dream.
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you need to discover things that make you comfortable, labeling your self only will limit your self from awesome stuff thatyou may not know.
This afternoon otw sukabumiπŸš—
don't worry willow if i had your fugly fake brows i'd be pissed too
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when I exit out of the Kim k game and realize I'm not an a lister in real life
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"all gays go to hell" so u saying hell is like one big gay club??? damn i'm in
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schools should teach more important things that will actually help us in life like how to get a sugar daddy
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Dear Straight boys, Gay guys are your best friends. Girls do whatever we say. If we like you then so do our girlfriends.
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i hope my day is as nice as my butt
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Finally off. πŸ˜₯ akhirnya bisa leha lehaοΏ½
Program kerja ane buat jakarta: Membuat rumah susun murah yang disusun kebawah perut bumi hingga tembus ke sisi bumi yg lain.
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When someone you hate attempts to make physical contact
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🌹🌹🌹im weird lol
lu gak takut mati apa? β€” Enggak. Tapi Enggak buru buru juga. Banyak awesome things yang mau gue rasain dan lihat...
you know, when we come out each other. been a year si... β€” Ohhhh Iyaaaa!!! such an inspiration. Btw, you have no...
i've read your answer abt marriage thingy, that's bea... β€” YOLO zay, don't spend life with fear of the others, s...
Who did you last say β€œI love you” to? β€” Satan
TIPS MOVEON DARI GEBETAN. β€” Cari sugar daddy yang loyal, terus belanja dan nikmatin hidup dalam bergelimang hart...
Kirain masuk hari ini, udah Siap siap tinggal cao. Untung timur bbmπŸ˜’
Gue tau lo lagi di tipu, dan lo seneng banget karena gak tau. But that's not one of my business. 😏
Do you wanna see underneath the aura