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Rida Sharif
The facts are in, female-led movies make the most money. #MoreWomen
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Another tough training session with @CTRLFC today in #RoundhayPark#RugbyLeague #Tigers ✌🏼️✌�ZZ
Giphy app is seriously the best thing invented by Facebook and to give even more ways to visualise my thoughts! 👻1
How's Snapchat so popular, I can't even tolerate someone else's life dominating on my entire mobile screen for 2 secs.
"Love? That's what you're selling?" - House of cards.
This dude named Kashif spells his name as Caushiph.#TheHocaneChutiyaapLivesOn
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India bans James Bond's intimate scenes but loves Sunny Leone's and Vikram/Mahesh Bhatt's promoted adult films. #doublestandards
How much skin correction is possibly done on Kajol and SRK in Dilwale. Retire already 😴
If you don't travel please stfu about the world being safer. The world is not safer. Sincerely, someone who travels. A lot.
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Scream Queens is another Pretty Little Liars lol, but then with Emma Roberts❤️
Scream Queens Season 1 on the loop #NW
It's a tribute to Chrissy Teigen's crankiest moments: 💃🏻@chrissyteigenigen
The world grieves and stands in solidarity with France. #ParisAttacks
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Shot the Training session for #RugbySuperLeague today with @CTRLFC 🤗👍ZA7
#FilmMakerLife. Don't be one if you're a girl and on top don't have a car 😂
Joined Vine, and it's more entertaining than I expected! #yayytoedits
Only if Instagram could increase their video length and have different tab for pics and vids, it would be perfecttttt
The world's oldest hotel has been operating since 705 AD.
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On the beautiful Cara Delevingne this week! Watch in full: @Caradelevingne @caramademedoit
Deaf baby boy hears mom's voice for the first time ever. Priceless reaction.
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Sound of dropping water from the tap literally drives me insane
What you do between Friday night and Monday morning determines what you are committed to in life. What are you doing? #success #entrepreneur
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Don't expect people to understand your grind, when they don't have the vision to see past Saturday night. #success #entrepreneur
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Oh let's not forget @taylorswift13 's multiple thesis press releases over Copyright claims. Even Beyoncé or Eminem don't do that, who r u?
Majority of @taylorswift13's songs R about liking a guy who doesn't like her. And then hating on the girl your crush likes. What are u, 12?
This needs an award: Reasons I can't stand Taylor Swift. 😂reasonswhyihatetaylorswift.tumblr.comC
Batman vs Superman: Dawn to Justice Trailer 2016…
Perfect example of differentiation between today's youth and yesterday's veterans. Terrific music with tacky...
My version of Promo for #Supergirl / DC comics. Watch full vid here:
Twitter’s open @ response allows mobs to directly attack one person and why the world is stiflingly thought policed in the last 5 years.
Facebook offers £250m in share bonuses to UK staff, whilst paying a UK corporation tax bill of £4327
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i literally skip through everyone's snapchat except for like 5 people
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Beautifully engineered with a flawless finish, #TedBakerAudio sounds as good as it looks
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By the way, you are now closer to 2020 than 2010. The decade is already over. You're quickly dying. Goodnight.
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That time when a headscarf was classier than anything else.
Season one of The Originals was far more better than all the Vampire Diaries seasons combined only. #deepstuff
Season 7 in Amsterdam 󾌧󾌧#rockingthatshitshit — watching The Vampire Diaries
#FastandFurious7 Get Low remix on all the Fast and Furious movies: - check it out! 💃🏻
If they made one more Hunger Games poster Katniss would complete her transformation into a flaming two headed Pegasus.
New logo design ☺️ #SHARIF
New video: A tribute to our very own Queen B @Beyonce #MASHUP…
First week of uni and I'm already lacking sleep.

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