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Rida Sharif
First week of uni and I'm already lacking sleep.
@JosephKahn That is worthy of the Instagram quote treatment.
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How easy is it for women to land a job this way. Women disgrace women themselves, not men!…
The bass is the roots, the drum the trunk, guitar the leaves, singer is the bird fly forth without fear
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Girls that upload 30 selfies/pics in same outfit, of the same day, STAHP! Get another career.
Why did I put myself through The Fault In Our Stars choice. That shit was stupid and gay, sorry.
The second episode of @madeinleeds' 'Alive and Gigging' is being filmed at Unity Works, Wakefield tonight! Four great acts lined up tonight!
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The #RugbyWorldCup has arrived in London - Shrek & pals are at Twickenham Stadium to support!
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When nobody understands the way you feel, remember the Almighty will make it heal. So turn to Him and fulfil your part of the deal.
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Snapchatters we fuckin get it, you got a rainbow coming out of your mouth.
Every person has a story, that I don't want to hear.
#iOS9 the keyboard is way too big and wtf is this new font
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Did Steve Jobs take all the ideas to the grave with him. Where's the originality! #iOS9 #ProactiveWindow
Building a clock makes you a "terrorist", but if ur white and kill 9 people its only bc ur "sick"! #IStandWithAhmed
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Asian people take Facebook more serious than Mark Zuckerberg himself lol.
POWER/RANGERS just won a film festival in Pakistan. PAKISTAN. I'm a bad motherfucker.
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But when a woman arrives on the scene -- or a man, as the case may be -- you begin to compromise. That is the beginning of the end....
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I maintain that you and you alone are the molder of your destiny and the architect of your own fortune.
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To educate the educator is far more difficult than to educate the child, because the educator is already set & fixed. -- JK
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Who are these sick people? Can't they at least show some respect for victims and their families? #Mecca
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They consider what happened in #Mecca a karma? Why don't they consider sep 11 as karma for Hiroshima or Nagasaki or Afghanistan? #Mecca
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I'll never watch a movie rated by critics on Twitter again. Ya'll never give an honest critique. C'mon, nobody will eat you.
#ABCD2 seemed a work of a student. Poorly executed with poor acting, esp @ShraddhaKapoor being that over-excited girl, again *sigh*
I hope After Effects can render wayy faster in near future. Whole day wasted like that
#afterseptember11 everyone turns around and looks at u whenever a terrorist attack is on the news
#afterseptember11 being searched longer at the airports and having to wait on the side answering questions while everybody watched us
#afterseptember11 Muslim students didn't come to school for weeks.
#afterseptember11 In America 1.5 million people converted to Islam.
"Rape is not sexual, it's a violent, brutal, terrorising weapon" Angelina Jolie in UK Parliament. #ISIS
Passion without hard work is like a seed that never gets sunlight or water; the potential may be there but will forever remain hidden.
Stanford is apparently demanding that Malala Yousafzai take the SATs before applying, because what's a Nobel Peace Prize, anyway?
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#WhoIsMuhammad ﷺ He propogated rights for women 1400 years before the democracy of the 'West'
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People that delete their entire Instagram feed, how much time do you have on your hands 😐
Preparing an edit of @JosephKahn's best works, but is tricky when @Eminem raps without breathing
Hahahaha crazy -- Petition launched to swap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 refugees…
Filming for Alive and Gigging at @Unity_Works on their anniversary!
Good, Islam is not meant for dummy pretending believers.…

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