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Seeing people doing good things motivates me ☺️
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Never in my life will I watch anime
if someone trusted me enough to share a secret with me, if we ever argue&stop talking i would never ever violate/expose them.
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Everything I Have...I've Got On My Own
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I wish I got shit free or had that wealthy upbringing getting anything I wanted πŸ˜‚ them man that had stone Island in yr 3
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When your friends know your taste in music bangs, so you're always handed the aux 😎
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You heard I'm doing well now you're asking me for favours
This chick on my tram is jokes
Fake love fades, real love shows
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It's all mad round ere
I'm acc the worst with trains, it's all confusing bruv
Just need a peng babes with a good heart
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When your trim ain't fresh anymore you feel like all your super powers are gone πŸ˜ͺ
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Looking back on myself 11-12 months and seeing how far I've come is crazy πŸ˜ŒπŸ’«
It's a 1 way journey to hell
I want my stack high like canary wharf🏦🏬🏫
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The first DM. The first FaceTime. The first snapchat nude. It's a wonderful journey from "hi πŸ‘€" to "oi big head, come mine at 5"
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I've broke bread with people I should of left to starve
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They don't wanna be there when you're struggling but when you're enjoying life they wanna pop up
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If you got beef with me you got beef with yourself because I don't care
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Tbh I'd rather carrying on working late nights, making money & building on my career than associate with fake people on some fake shit
Focus on what you have got not what you haven't got
It's been like 11 months since I've bunned crow uno rah
I've come a long way now I'm looking like a problem πŸ’«
#TLNews after saying no, he said her & her friends are hmm hmm girls. Pipe DJ= free entry? No waii 🎢 5/5.F
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#TLNews She sent back basically saying his girl was riding DJ's like a public bike. Satander una & he don't knowπŸ’”4/5Z
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#TLNews "@ someone__" & Marns thought na lets heat this up & sent for her squad which left the TL like... 3/5
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#TLNews Marns as most refer to him as a likkle sweetass decided to cause flames but word went round on the TLπŸ‘€ 2/57
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#TLNews A tweet about "@bae" started it all & it escalated. Donny was probs sleeping & don't even know whats up. 1/5
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This yute clocked me looking at his girls arse, and just smiled with me. My G
I think about you sometimes...πŸ’­o
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Posh people irritate me
You notice so much when you stay quiet
The visions getting clearer πŸ’«
500 RTs & ill drop new song for my fans right now! AND I'll also be dropping my first official single Lean & Bop this Friday
Retweeted by Ricky
This year has acc been a decent one, can't wait for next year 😌

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