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So I get on a new bus and it smells like fish wtaf
"@MoretzNation: @KidrauhlCapital hey, wanna join our deck?" Why do you breath
So im already late and my bus just broke down. Ffs
When Justin will release his new album I'm gonna laugh at those people who actually thought that he was seriously going to retire.
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Justin has another tattoo. i'm not even surprised anymore
#Hacked by my bro Kalfani go check out his soundcloud acct more new songs coming soon!
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There was a time when I’d read ‘facts’ on the internet and not immediately assume that every single one of them was total, utter nonsense.
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Justin is on a break and he's still number 1, did you mean Justin slay Bieber
Remember Justin pushed #Journals back a week and we were all like
"I've met justin 3+ times" "Taken selfies with him" "He followed me" "He tweeted me" smiling through the pain"
Wtf is wrong with Justin's fingers?
28k, say whaaaa
We took of in that ufo, like whats hatnin
• (6) Unseen photos of Justin in Atlanta! (via thoughto0fyou).
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I can't wait to hear Justin's new music, like every night he's in the studio and working so hard, it's gonna slay.
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When all these other Beliebers are meeting Justin randomly on the street and you know you don't have a chance because you live in Europe.
Justin would probably hang out his hotel window and yell to the people ouside "DOWNLOAD SHOTS"
Tattoo's, piercings and she just learnt to twerk
"@KidrauhlCapital: Defending justin like"OMGGG HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO TRUE
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Okay my phone has officially frozen and restarted 4 times because of you all! Ha
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@KidrauhlCapital umm we can't chose all 3 ? 😳 I'd meet him then
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@KidrauhlCapital: Would you rather meet Justin, go to a concert, or get followed?” Meet
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Would you rather meet Justin, go to a concert, or get followed?
get this inspiring book now and all proceeds go to help kids. this book is incredible @AdamBraun. #popbook #giveback
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Big bang theory is honestly the best
i dont really think justin is putting out new songs tonight nah
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Tiffany you need Jesus I will rip off Justin's cross tattoo and glue it onto your goddamn forehead
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But really why is justin randomly dancing in the middle of the street
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