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Richie Vavega
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There is nothing wrong with going into a hip hop club and requesting a U2 soundtrack. It even featured Mary J Blige on it tsk.
..AND I didn't even get an invite! That's it, throwing a Ludus house party. @VallabhRosey @rosetehau
Getting a txt from mum this morning saying the whole family is boarding a plane to Welly for the weekend.. I'm definitely calling CYFS.
The only good photo I managed to get of you (well let's be fair, of me) partly thanks to @lavu021 photography skills. Happy Birthday @rosievallabh2104 cheers for the great night 👌
Woah. Checked my music and hello #U2SongsOfInnocence album
Dad with Stevie Wonder #fathersday
Rihanna looks hilariously unimpressed as Chris Brown plays in a charity basketball match:
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Wonder how Steve Hansen feels about the actor who was cast to play him! #TheKick
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That moment when ur work colleague informs u they saw your ex on tinder, is the moment u officially realise how much better u are than them.
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Goes in for circumcision , comes out a woman 😂😂
Mate, how long is this finale?
Had my first encounter with Pita Pit today . Thanks @VegaGega for our cute little catch up missed you
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His sister Jordan seems more in love with him than Pearl #Gloriavale
Men in rubber masks! Hahaha hafto
Greymouth. Why am I not suprised? #Gloriavale
Imagine if someone in there conceived a brown child #Gloriavale
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Price for ice just went up...
The All Blacks have reached a historic deal to stage a test in Samoa next year:
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Lol @lishyali bought this to the lunch table and mum just cracked up laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
PA Announcement: Don't forget ladies, your usual meal is 1,500 calories. #NoCrunchyVeggies #OITNB
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Piper, sometimes I keep forgetting how eff'd up you are ARGH season 2 #OITNB
A Tyler Perry movie on TV2?!!
Cupping therapy done and mother thinks I've got massive love bites on my back.
Lol @lauraogorman 👍👍👍
His last words were "F**k you" 😂😂😂
Newborns are so boring.. Wake up already child; church is finished.
FRIDAY!! 😎😎😎
Have forced myself to ignore ALL negative posts I see on social media and to NOT comment on them lol 😂#badhabitt#papasgirll#husfraaabaa 👍
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Anzac Day with the youth! Still recovering from this 😩🙌
seriously obsessed with @mctavishandco leather collection.. Thanks Calvin! Check em out guys/girls handbags 😎👍
The Coffee Club sells caesar salads that would even make Caesar himself vom
Ok so only in Manukau Event Cinemas poly girls will take snapchats with their flash on during #Noah .. I wanted to throw an ark at them.
Song been stuck in my head all day! #Magic #Coldplay #TeamChris
Meet Lizzy, baby number 7!! The new cuzzie in the whanau... Just a twenty two year age gap, no biggie 😂😂😂❤️ @talitapaeaia
#GoodintheHood no need for filter.. Check in the bottom left corner is probably doing filter as we speak #Auckland 👍
My fav German is in town to be a schlampe.. 6 years later! Reunited on the mount #international #buddy #homestay #moepi #schlampe 😎
No hair, don't care.. 😎😎😎#go #fade #yourself
Catchup dinns tonight with my Fijian stunner @_m_sheehan post uni blues 💰😂😎😋 #London14' yaassss