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richard bacon
I think he did it. But 7 eps to go. “@jonhorsley1: Interview with @richardpbacon soon dissolved into swapping theories about Serial.”
@C4Press: Channel 4 with @richardpbacon ask the nation 'How Rich Are You?'. Richard 'ard. Don't mess with him.
How far did we turn the clocks back?: RT Towns 'feel under siege' from migrants…
Meanwhile, 'The Serial', the 12 part spin off podcast from 'This American Life' is the best thing in the whole history of all of the world.
East Bound and Down makes me laugh moe than any other sitcom. If you've never seen it, watch the 1st 2 eps of season 4. You'll get the gist
A supplementary to my the guess-the-show set (I broke into) from yesterday:
@richardpbacon This American Life "Serial" 12 parter. Best show this year. And it isn't even on the telly!
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Sh*t you guys are quick
Wandered round an empty, drape covered sound stage whilst waiting for a meeting at Fox. Name. The. Show.
BREAKING NEWS: Doctor tests positive for Ebola in New York. >
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I'm quite pissed in this picture “@GaryLineker: Soho House in LA with the British R pack @RobBrydon @richardpbacon
Together at last: “@piersmorgan: Two people you'd least like to have on your sofa when Arsenal are losing > @GaryLineker @richardpbacon
LA. Watching 1st ever Champions League football with these 2. So important to assimilate out here.
To be clear, the episode of This American Life I said was the most engrossing hour of radio I've heard is called THE ALIBI.
So someone took their own life in prison every four days last year. Many of them should not have been there. Mental illness not a crime
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The most engrossing hour of radio I've ever heard. And it's just part 1:…
Excellent. If you disregard the fact it inspired me to pick my phone and Tweet about it. “@alaindebotton:…
Web Trolls To Face Two-Year Jail Terms…
I, on the other hand, having already been, shall be next door at London Zoo. Because I CAN be trusted to make good decisions.
If I were you I'd go to Frieze Masters today (better than Frieze) and eat at the Locatelli. But you can't be trusted to make good decisions.
Moisturise daily. Go out 5 nights a week. And you too can look this good for 67.“@MrHenshaw37:.
I'm not sure I ever disagree with a word Matt Paz says. (Matthew Parris).
Matthew Parris "beneath practical objections to immigration..lie disappointments & insecurities.. an irrational resentment of the Other."
Someone big from a major party stand up and say what you know - that there are more British jobs for British people BECAUSE of immigration
"30 Somethings". I interview successful people in their 30s. AOL. Sexy (fact) original context. Next year. You watch.
Launched a new series I"m hosting for AOL at Bafta tonight. "30 Somethings". It's gonna be super-jazz (I can say that. I'm a 30 Something)
Mike it's totes original. If it had been on just over five years ago. @mikewpendergast: It's original, unique & innovative! Err..."
Dudes, so pleased to see the beloved Chart the Week is back:…
Wonderful. (Istanbul parents, lot of time on your hands. Lot of time).
This is probably the most important fact about #Ebola, means no one should panic until they hear coughing:
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Any may they rest in peace: “@parsotron: God bless the Daily Bacon Podcast Heroes @bbc5live
Adam Boulton. I like you. But willing David Dimbleby out of a job is like petitioning for Ian McKellen to stand down. They're just better.
In LA. So nice to have dinner with my dad and sisters tonight.
There are 2 really hot people in this photo. And it's me and Gary “@IAmCattSadler: @DanielleBux @GaryLineker
I hope Brighton never gets to visit Santa Monica. Because it's not going to feel very good about itself.
Dear hotels. Key cards once seemed so modern & sleek. But we've all learned that they are, in fact, rubbish. Please, let's go back to keys.
Always respected the talent of Simon Hirst but now in greater awe of @hirstydose. Thats real courage.
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A counter point for the Mail readers who've bafflingly decided they hate Malala and her winner the Nobel Peace prize.…
You have got to be fucking kidding me: @SuperRetroid: Daily Mail readers react to Malala winning Nobel Peace Prize:
Also came across this parked up in a seemingly forgotten corner of the Sony film lot
Prop I saw in Sony TV's lobby, LA yesterday. £10 to anyone who can tell me in the next 30 seconds what GB stands for
@richardpbacon @FlyAirNZ I very strongly agree. Best staff/cabin/food/flight times to LA. Beats the rest hands down.
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Air New Zealand is the Netflix of airlines. It makes the competition look old. (This is not a paid for thing, just enthusiasm). @FlyAirNZ.