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richard bacon
Tempted? “@toadmeister: Got a hotel room in Birmingham for nights of Sept 29&30. Spare bed in room. Anyone want to share? £154 for 2 nights
3 piece suite in the lobby of The Beaumont. London's most elegant hotel. Stay there. Or you're a failure.
Just admit it. It's ok. You've changed your mind* and you now think Salmond's a bit of a legend. (*about him. Not independence).
So what's the opposite of metropolitan liberal elite? Rural illiberal ordinary? Is that meant to be a higher calling?
Correspondents loving saying something fundamental has changed. Whatever that change becomes, it'll make almost no difference to your life
...So did one stray opinion poll in the sunday papers change via panic and GBrown, course of the United Kingdom constitutional settlement...
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If you're thinking of thanking me for calling it before 10.30 and sending you off for a full night's sleep then please, don't mention it.
Twitter made the overnight results programmes feel like news delivered by steamship.
Well done Scotland. Even though he lost, Alex Salmond is the highest achieving, cleverest, best politician in the (still) United Kingdom.
Fans of zero jeopardy (no's won, unimpeachable fact) & presenters saying "it's been a high turnout" - enjoy the next 8 hrs. I'm going to bed
Do you think the overnight broadcasters know that we all know it's no, but have to pretend they don't know that we all know it's no?
If he is willing to say this, it's done. No jeopardy. Go to bed: "99% certainty that No has won" Peter Kelner, President of YouGov.
after @YouGov re-poll of voters today No54%/Yes46% Peter Kellner tells me he is 99% certain NO have won #indyref
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Social media has changed the pace of the game so much. The bbc1 Scotland show hasn't started, and yet to us on twitter, it's OVER. No's won
It will be a 5 or 6 point gap. And it will be no. You can report that. Because it will be right. I'm good at this shit. Deal with it.
Have you bought a #PorkLife ticket yet? If not, DO IT NOW before it's too late…
Johnny Marr was joyous yesterday. No Andrew Marr, admittedly, but within touching distance. He's on yesterday's Daily Bacon podcast
@emmamilnethevet: We're putting the band back together! Help! returns to the @richardpbacon show for the last time ever next Monday.
Truly unique. #Concorde, in old BA livery, flies over Manhattan, with the twin towers of the #WTC visible. Beautiful.
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@LaurensJulien: Here it is. Jeremy Menez wondergoal with a wonderful back heel.
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Radio Tooooooo! ELO. Delightful. Thank you. “@BBCRadio2: Look who's here... @richardpbacon
Mansfield, we're within touching distance of the top. We CAN do this. Stop using any non swear words. It's a waste.…
Congrats father-in-law on becoming the new Chair of Barclays. 1st up, can you PLEASE provide access to online statements older than 3 months
Exact: “@Bexy82Bexi: When i did jury service all they cared about was getting home. They said if he was in court then he must b guilty
This 1 unangry woman non jury system is far better. Someone who understands the law thoughtfully & carefully decides rather than 12 f**kwits
How are you getting on with the catchphrase, "smack down!"?
Legs eye view of Hugh Fearnley Wittingatall. And yes, I am wearing excellent shoes
Legs eye view of Kevin O'Sullivan, from the Sunday Mirror (still going).
The TV audience is getting older and older and older
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Stat of your day. Harry Styles tweet, "Detroit. See you in a bit" was retweeted 92,900 times.
He still looks like a twat: “@mashable: Embarrassed to wear a bluetooth headset? Motorola Moto Hint fits in your ear
I'm voting for number 6… (This tweet neatly implies I'm a member of the Academy. Implies. So not technically a lie).
Lovely RT: “@alaindebotton: Vermeer: the masterful observer of the overlooked ordinary:…
In Gordon Ramsay's at T5 drinking a 'breakfast martini' (it tastes great but looks embarrassing) . Enviable / cool / pathetic. You decide.
An important set of stats in current age of terrorism. Why is so much of our money going to fight terrorists? #auspol
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Don't forget people ATTABOY now open from 6pm until 4am every night!! I'm here now. Come join.
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In case you thought the phone hacking story had melted away:…
(It's her fault for not spelling her name properly in the first place).