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richard bacon
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Pity the estate agent. "And this... this is the shower room. Erm, lots of potential"
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The greatest presenter in 5live's history. And Simon Mayo (in our BBC Edinburgh tent. Come!)
Director of #ConAir &#LaraCroftTombraider Simon West is #crowdfunding his new movie. Here's how you can get involved
Best coffee I've had in the UK*. Habitat cafe. Aberfeldy. Perthshire. (*may need to update the UK bit in a month).
To put that another way, the only difference between Standard and 1st on ScotRail is a headrest cover. I don't even know what they're for.
Like doubling the price of your ticket for the temporary use of a headrest cover? Then you simply must travel ScotRail 1st class today...
Telegraph, your headline / photograph take on this story is unlike every other front page. Sensationalist. Dated.
I absolutely bloody loved my Edinburgh Book festival event. It's statistically improbable that you were there. But if you were. Thanks.
I'm speaking at the Edinburgh book festival tonight at 8pm. Come. Let's get drunk together
Jerry Coyne on Robin Williams. Read it all. It's good.
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@smh: Robin Williams' final tweet pledges love to his daughter.
Big bang: 13.82bn years ago/ Earth: 4.55bn/ 1st cell ~3.8bn/ Multicellular organisms: 0.8bn/ Humans 0.0002bn - as discussed @richardpbacon!
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Learn how to control your inner chimp: Prof Steve Peters will be on @richardpbacon 's @bbc5live show today #ChimpParadox @chimpmanagement
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Street Feast in Dalston Yard, Fri and Sat evenings. Still the best and you should go. But only if you're a fan of joy.
The rule for Dartmouth is simple. Dinner at Seahorse. Lunch at Rockfish. And if you're here for a week. Go 7 times to each.
It's all about the Seahorse restaurant in Dartmouth.
Filming in Dartmouth. A) I didn't realise there was anywhere outside London that was nice. B) the Seahorse restaurant
In what way is that a policy? “@paulwaugh: No10: “Our policy has always been consistently clear - the situation in Gaza is intolerable.."”
My grandad's cousin. Who I only found out about today. The guy kicked ass.…
Arthur (and Albert Ball relative). Imperial War Museum visit exhaustion.
.@richardpbacon 's #WW1 ancestor Albert Ball took part in twenty-six combats in the air and destroyed eleven hostile aeroplanes......
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