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Richard Marx
Another #FBF from last week. In Malibu. Before the mofo waves. #bliss #chill
#FBF In the studio with @jtimberlake and @JCChasez in 1999 recording "This I Promise You."
"Our rate of destruction is outrunning our rate of understanding."-James Cameron on our planet's oceans
My buddy @officialkennyg not only met my #ALSIceBucketChallenge but is raising even more $$. Nice job, G-Man!…
#TBT In the middle of my "5 concerts in 5 cities in 1 day." 1991 #rushstreet
"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts." ~Marcus Aurelius
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My sons loooove this guy. #johnnyknoxville Photo by joelmchale
What an honor for my buddy @rickspringfield and me to meet the great Buzz Aldrin. #chelseafinale
If you forgot to book a sexy summer vacation this year, it's not too late for one, listen to .@richardmarx #beautifulgoodbye album #onrepeat
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Check out the amazing @jillianjmusic "Overdue" and not just because I co-produced it. #featuringvincegill…
Sometimes what may look a actually a breakthrough.
Still from the "Beautiful Goodbye" video. Photo by @scott_brasher Styling by carolee710 Hair-makeup by…
Ending a few pretty amazing days and nights by meeting up with one of the coolest people on earth.…
Sending prayers to all in gorgeous Napa, Ca.
There are no rules when it comes to charity, so I'm adding two names to my #ALSicebucketchallenge. Hear me @JCChasez and @officialkennyg ?
Now watch the unedited version of my #ALSIceBucketChallenge here-
Did the #ALSicebucketchallenge and now I'm calling out Michael Bolton @mbsings , Matt Scannell @officialverticalhorizon and @robrijbag
"Yeah, it'd be cool if I had a bag of fuckin' rice." -said by Carolee Fisher at my video shoot just now.
Shooting the "Beautiful Goodbye" video today. #windowshadeeffect
1987 Backstage with Randy Meisner of the Eagles after singing "Take It To The Limit" together at my LA…
The new song "Getaway" by @richardmarx is like Viagra for females. #Bravo
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When I think about the songs Burt Bacharach has written, and continues to write, it's kind of mind-bending. #deeprespect
Hey @richardmarx and @joshgroban how many people have a to where you are tattoo getting the angel fixed soon
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13 years ago this week, this song I wrote with @LindaThompsonLT and also produced spent two weeks at #1 @joshgroban
"I wanna know your darkest fears/taste surrender in your tears/hold you down until it's not against…
Loving my buddy @CHRIS_Daughtry and co's new single, "Battleships." #godownload
Good stuff, dude. Good luck! "@danielcapellaro Got to meet a real hero of mine last night where I work @richardmarx pls check my song out!"
This album came out when I was 11. Great songs. But I got it for the songs about as much as I used to…
You can be enlightened. And you can be narcissistic. But you cannot be an enlightened narcissist. Also, you can't be a millionaire-rebel.
#fbf That winter in 1990 when I thought this beard was a great idea.
My son Brandon @openwatermusic has a killer song on Soundcloud you should check out.…
And it's badass “@openwatermusic: Openwater's first single "Walk Away" is coming out later today, stay tuned!
Dear @mattnathanson I'm too busy and cool to read through the 1432 tweets you posted. So text less than 3 ur doing
Honored my lyrics are part of the largest mural in downtown LA. Children of the Night's 35th anniversary