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Richard Hammond
topgear cars 1,578,534 followers
Mindy (wife) not remotely impressed with nostril hair.... Wish I hadn't kept it now. Ageing even trickier than I thought
Just plucked a hair from my nostril. 30cm long and hooked to my ankle. Weeping. Not just pain; getting old. Nobody warns you.
Amazing what a spot of sun brings out ... after a bit of persuasion
Haven't been on here for a bit, so here's a pic of a very pretty Landrover this morning.
This morning we have discovered 'going downhill'. Tricky, but got it. Tomorrow: 'up'
I've got home to a new friend. Meet Bleaberry; she even looks small next to me.
Seems they've found a most cost effective way of transporting us to work. Quite comfortable, on short journeys
This is in Czech cos we're in Prague: Zúčastněte se @TopGearLive show, prosím, aniž byste se dotkli mých rukou, pokud to bude možné.
And more - I am pretty much Italian. Venite allo show @TopGearLive la prossima settimana dove sembrerò oramai una vecchio scarpone spero!
....and here's my first Italian tweet. Non vedo l’ora di venire in Italia e attaccare meloni ai miei capelli. See. Easy.
Clarkson's claims to be bilingual are as idiotic as his face. I shall now be tweeting in proper Italian about our forthcoming live show.
Happy Father's day to Dads everywhere. Best job in the world.
I've lived thru 43 summers. Still find myself saying, 'wow, it's light at 10pm' Does novelty ever wear off?
Another beautiful, hot day. But don't worry, the pollen count is terrifying and there's always skin cancer. Thankyou breakfast TV
Played in this today. I love Model Ts. Came home and went straight out in GT3. Contrast is all in life.
Shocked and very sad. “@BBCBreaking: British comedian and actor Rik Mayall has died, his manager says
Sitting with a beer whilst youngest daughter plays piano for me. Impossible for a man to be happier.
Hellooooo, guess who's back. Home 24hrs, no fire. Glad they caught fire anyway, gives it an air of danger.
Remember to listen to @BBCRadio2's @achrisevans tomorrow from 6.30am to find out the winners of 2014 #500Words competition. V exciting.
Spectacular. Dog has simply detonated in kitchen. Resisting huge temptation to post pic, but Hammond household declining brekkers this AM.
Lake District delivered this weekend. Always does. But this walking pole thing? Sharing fells with giant crane flies
Filming in Lake District today - v happy boy. Better still: back this weekend on holiday on BIKES. Beyond happy