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Richard Hammond
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I've decided Springfield airport, Missouri, is the nicest in the world and all my future flights must start from here. Fact
Yup, got that, thanks: Oklahoma, not Oak ... & it's a Coronita. Ok. Can I go back to clutching my head in my hands now. Thank you and out.
In Oaklahoma they call it a Coronarita. Last night, after work, they were a good idea. Less sure today.
Passed this in Vegas today, offering Brazillian Wax and wigs. All wigs short and curly, presumably. I thank you
I have a new show for @NatGeo, #ScienceofStupid, which starts tonight in the UK at 10pm. Do watch and laugh / grimace please
Bike Festival today & Sunday, Prescott Hillclimb. Great event raising dosh for BloodBikes. Ignore weather, they do.
Er, did someone switch autumn back on? I like autumn, but not in spring. Change it please.
Well who said we had to go in separate planes in a race? Distract Clarkson with glass of wine before landing, run to bog at front, WINNER!!
What that idiot hasn't seen is that if I stretch my legs out, I get to Moscow first. LOOOOOSER!!
And we're off. Gonna win this. It'll be close, but I'll be first to Moscow.
This was my office yesterday ..... -50deg, 80mph winds. Today, Miami. Well a bit of contrast is always nice.
@sallyjanemills: “@GaryBarlow: Happily playing the Hammond !" something we should know??” ! Oh, I see. The organ. No, the keyboard. Phew
Thanks for amazing response to Special. Massive respect, maybe even hearty hugs, to the whole TG team. Apart from the other two, obviously.
I support @Childrens_Trust. They do amazing, incredible work. See what and why on @BBCOne Lifeline today at 4.35pm
Please support children with #braininjury by watching @BBCOne Lifeline this Sunday, 4.30pm featuring @Childrens_Trust
To those enjoying UK weather: Help, I've been eaten by a snow monster. I'm stuck on it's tonsils I think.
My old mate @andyhodgsontv has set up a TV Gardening thing @homegardenplus. for, like, plants and stuff. #Plug4mate
No, my mistake. Re-read it: it's a GT3 Cup shelf bracket. Whatever that is. But what it isn't, is my GT3
Received an email this morning inviting me to buy a Porsche GT3 mug. thanks, I'd like my GT3 back! And speaking of mugs....
Thanks for watching. I know we looked good on horseback there's no need to keep reminding us. Next week gets a whole lot wilder. Really
20 min until the world's 3 most stylish men are, er, definitely not on your screens. Hope you watch it; if only to laugh AT us.
A request: Can bikers in the UK please STOP tweeting pics of their sunny Sunday ride. I'm in Michigan, in the snow, in a minivan.
There's every chance our special, starting tonight, could be our best ever. But you'll be the judge of that. Really hoping you enjoy it.
@LadySnorkMaiden: Do you miss James and Jeremy??” Yes. Like you miss athletes foot; aware it's not there.
@MJ_SKC: No, he said you dyed.” Ha, good effort. But NOT TRUE!!! ....oh never mind, I give up.