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Ricardo Rigodon
Officer: "Okay, Kanye u get one phone call." *Kanye dials phone number* *Officer answers* Officer: Hello? Kanye: Put Kanye on the phone
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There were 34 drug overdoses during the electronic music festival in Seaside yesterday... BUT THATS OKAY, RIGHT? WE DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM!
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R.Kelly on the stage with @chancetherapper, this set is insane.
Chance The Rapper's set on Lollapalooza
Paul George hope on a speedy recovery...
"@NJxJabroni: Anybody want to smoke? I need a boge so hard right now."
The new Boondocks season is overall disappointing really. Hasn't lived up to my expectations.
My son loves TMNT so I trached his Raphael, he needs surgery plz help & RT @KDTrey5
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It's been really hard for me to tolerate cats who try and justify their roles in decimating the culture of hiphop.
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They think I have no offensive game, that I’m just good on D but I’m out here spitting games on these girls. Theyre still ain’t loyal#EMB11D
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@ricardorigodon alright and I'll throw in a duck face just to be absolutely sure
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You know you're in trouble when averaging a B+ on the next exam and the final nets you only a 'B'. #woah
I got followed by a buttcheek on Instagram, is this real life?
I thought on Smoke Again that last Dukes of Hazard bit was Chance not Ab-Soul. He imitated his flow perfectly, that's insane.
Imagine your twitter newsfeed if USA was in the final
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World Cup Final, let's go!
So I got out of the cave I was in, and started listening to Vic Mensa. He's pretty dope.
Wiggins and Parker are something else in this game right now, so crazy.
Lebron is going back to Cleveland? Yes! I have a ton of respect for him now.
@ricardorigodon Derrick Rose will be back before they decide
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They'll find the cure for Cancer before Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony make their decisions. Jeeze.
There's going to be a lot of mad Brazilians at TCNJ today..