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Ricardo Ordieres
Been jammed busy today, hope everyone had an amazing Friday! πŸ˜ƒ
#Leo's are honest and straightforward
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I can't wait to get in my bed
Legit watching this movie because of @dylanobrien, you're my favorite actor man, so good... πŸ™Œ#MazeRunnerr
Jack and jack are on my radio what
On air for three hours call me upppp
#Leo's can be bad tempered at times, but it's not their fault
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This guy just asked what my shirt was, I told him Armani. His response: Oh yeahhh you LOOK Armani. what 😐
Earlier I told a caller "Follow your dreams, and follow your passion. I guarantee you'll make it happen." Like where did that come from πŸ˜„
Follow Your Dreams And Follow Your Passion, I Guarantee That You'll Make It Happen😊�@RicardoOrdiereses
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aweeee @canonkuipers was eatin down the street and he came to say hi at @radiodisney, what a nice man ☺️
Ahh nothing like a bloody game of basketball
This is why I don't wear shirts or pants in California it is so hot omg
Geeez my trash smells like dead rats
β€œ@ohimendes: @RicardoOrdieres you have my dream job...literally. I need help do you have any advice?” Intern! & never take no for an answer.
I love my job man, literally dance and sing every time I work πŸ˜‚
Man giving that prize to the last winner actually made me smile. You could feel how excited the little guy was through the phone :')
β€œ@ActualLauren: So basically, @RicardoOrdieres just walked in to the Radio Disney studio carrying a whole chicken.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ talking about it next
On air in 25 mins πŸ˜ƒ
You know when you see someone & it's like, attraction at first sight. That happened at the gym today. It's like the universe made it happen.
Candy makes me feel so good 😌
My life has become eat gym eat Radio Disney eat rave eat sleep repeat
I'm at the gym and I smelled @peytonmeyer9 walk in. 2 seconds later I turn around and what do you know, there he is. Such strong deodorant πŸ˜‚
#Leo's aren't bothered by other peoples problems, if they really care about you, they would go to hell and back by your side
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I just realized three cartons of eggs last me one week, meaning I eat 12 cartons of eggs in a month, being 144 a year. That's 2,592 eggs.
I must have warm blood, my apartment is at 60 and I'm still hot, and I'm in briefs. Why is it so hot right now
Oh yeah man I love it when @CrawfordCollins coughs all over my food absolutely love it
Literally. This driver in front of me needs to speed it up.
I hate seeing dogs with those muzzle leashes :/ no dog should ever need a harness or those spikey things. Take the time to train him πŸ˜”
β€œ@officialgaabbie: I always miss when @RicardoOrdieres is on Radio Disney.πŸ˜«β€ on for two more hours :)
Thank you @RicardoOrdieres for being on @radiodisney right now! Baby sitting and needed some music ☺️
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On air in 30 minutessssss
The amount of people at the gym right now make me want to throw a bench to the wall
I would honestly fangirl if I met @cesarmillan haha this man is a legend.
There only nine more days till it has been a year since @RicardoOrdieres followed me
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β€œ@CheekyyLauraa: @RicardoOrdieres ricardo, when do you go on air bc I want to talk to you” tomorrow 2-6 pm PST :)
@RicardoOrdieres is literally a life saver!! He gave me advice on how to ask my crush to homecoming πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you Ricardo love you!
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There are a lot of people that don't believe in zodiacs or the "universe" but I'm a firm believer in it, & it is def real man...crazy stuff.
I can literally RT every @Leo_Tweets haha πŸ‘Œ
There are people who try to make you happy, and then there are #Leo's who make you happy without trying
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I was picking up my towel and when I got up my head when into the pointy part of where the towel goes
I just cut my head open :(
#Leo's hate walking slow, driving slow, or anything slow
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