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Ricardo Ordieres
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The fact the I'm having dreams about my phone coming back on proves how close our relationship was ... hopefully buying a white one tmrw :(
Watching Jersey Shore at 6 am. yes.
So I'm off for the next week at Radio Disney! I'll be back in two weeks. Now I can't sleep haha my body got so used to being up now, great.
So my phone died this morning :( like not battery but it's no longer alive. it just went all black and never woke up. The anxiety right now.
listening to @RicardoOrdieres on @radiodisney yes I am almost 18 & yes I still listen to radio disney
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I feel so bad drinking Starbucks but I need it before I knock out on the highway 😭 forgive me figure.
The mirror is my best friend
Guys I saw two shooting stars in two different directions of the sky, what does that mean?
FINALLY. I CAN WATCH @dylanobrien IN A MOVIE. Watching The maze runner first day it's out for sure 👌
Watching let's be cops tonight in Burbank, anyone going?! Pumped for this movie 😂
Time to lift heavy weight 💪
I can't get enough of these hugging pictures man, always caught right in the moment 👐
Ah man... Robin Williams passing is actually really sad. RIP man 😔
I'm so excited for #4thandLoud ! Being a huge football fan this will be interesting to watch... LA style �� #sp
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God what is wrong with my throat literally went on with the raspiest voice ever lol
Ahhhh gotta love that early morning smell 😌 going on air in 5!
I was on the phone with my friend and told her to stop talking when Ryan came on 😂
West Coast are TCAs on I'm confused ... ?