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Rica Dapitan
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If I was (hypothetically) going to guest edit a magazine. What would interest you to read about ?
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Happy Kalends of July! :)
"Logan Lerman will finally visit the Philippines." Said the voice in my dream.
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Post Mark of Athena Haiku: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no
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"@bertiebottbeans: Post Mark of Athena Haiku: no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no" BASICALLY THE FEELS
"@CatnipEverderp: define Percabeth" JUST PERFECTION
"@CatnipEverderp: Define Josh Hutcherson" HOTTIE
Ugh people are so rude sometimes.
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The Hunger Games Harry Potter Twilight Saga The Mortal Instruments The Infernal Devices Divergent The Host RT if I mentioned your fave book
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it is the year 2038 and a bunch of aging men and women line up outside theatres to watch Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian
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This, my dear people, reminds us that there is a thin line between reality and our fandoms.
I fell in love with @EmWatson. Love you Emma! xx
The truth is, no one will ever understand you.
RT for an indirect {{this is my first time so gimme gimme RTs}}
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Im so excited to join the Comm League. :)))
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOBBY! Thank you for showing us that even the smallest of creatures can be heroic.
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Logan is hot. Who doesn't agree?
Oh, the Rickhanger...
RT: @OliviaHudak Do you ever get really excited when you come up with a good plot twist? /Sure! Like in HoH when . . . oh, can't tell you.
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RT: @ScottFrobisher When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer? /About a week ago.
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RT: ‏@ileegal If you ever kill Nico Di Angelo I will hunt you down and steal your Oreos and/ NO ONE THREATENS MY OREOS! *thunder*
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