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Can you actually not
David Beckham started Instagram 11 weeks ago and already has 19555x more followers than me *cries*
Can someone just put me in their suitcase and take me to vidcon thatd be great
Patrick doffing(?) his hat literally makes me smile so much aw
My sole purpose in group chats is to send these tbh
5 y/o Rhoslyn✌🏻️thank god i got rid of the
Going to try and watch tv and dans liveshow at the same time... Wish me luck
21p are growing on me tbh
#GrowingUpShy when you think of a sassy comeback but don't want to attract attention to yourself
Tumblr has fucked up my sense of humour
Messy hair dont care (jk it took 20 minutes to untangle all my hair i s2g)
Do you ever just want to spontaneously buy a ukulele or is that just me
I tried snails and they were really nice yay
✨shit i cant think of a caption✨
✨I'll spin for you like your favourite records used to✨
Fun fact: im shite at speaking french
Finally found working wifi!!! Bonjour🇫�
France tomorrow🎉🇫🇷
Reason #48184 i wish i was still a child: its a trolley car omfg
Yesterday was cute though😘z
Last day of y9😳😁
The bus is from like 70 years ago ew I think we're all dying from carbon monoxide poisoning
Only just got on the bus wtf
Top tip: dont kick a suitcase - it really fucking hurts
Everyone's coughing pls stop
Hang on does this mean we can't swear ugghhhh
Goddammit stop scaring the kids they don't need to know about shaney
That would make my fucking day
I hope one of them slaps Newby
The y6's visit today but I forgot so I got on and loads of little kids were looking at me I was so confused oops
I accidentally semi-punched a wall today nice
Was kinda worth it bc cheese on toast though
Top tip: don't make cheese on toast in a morning bc you will be in a hurry ahhhh
Everyone in my house seems to have a cough and its slowly driving me crazy
Dan uploaded and I'm not at home; typical
Wtf the bus was early today
*awkwardly waits outside for molly*

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