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And by ages i mean about 2 days
Havent been on twitter in ages
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✨sweet dreams are made of memes✨
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On my 3g for a bit woo
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No until Sunday//camping
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Nobody's on the bus today smh
Idk if my hand is swollen or if I'm overreacting
Top tip: don't punch walls
Going to get my hair cut🙌�
"If you carry on being twats I'll report you" omfg shaney
She deserved it though so idc
There's a screaming y7 girl downstairs and it's v funny
Did that even make sense idk
This bus journey is one massive rap battle pisstake
Why tf are the bus' heaters on ugh
Now we're not moving smh shane
Someone's just paid 70p in pennies oh my god
At least it's warm out yay
Srsly though I never seem to have signal smh ee
Finally have signal woo
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The bus is so quiet wtf
Every day the bus gets stuck in 3 sets of 3 way traffic lights can you not
There's so many roadworks here smh
Good luck everyone doing exams today <3
She's gone now and I still don't know where I've seen her before
Someone's stood at the bus stop and I think I know them but I'm not sure aaarggh
Still havent got the hang of toasting brioche
#youtubefandomhonestyhour the only big youtubers i really like are Dan, Phil, PJ, Emma, Luke and Carrie; i find all the others boring now
*watches none of the dramas or comedy shows* *watches most of the feature shows*
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Idk whether to be proud or slightly scared🌚
Wow my life is so exciting
Just found rice in my spaghetti hoops what
By far the best part of church parade
Ugh church parade
What sport is the most boring? — Most of them tbh
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I was just messing around w/ my hair and now idk i kinda like it short?

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