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Rhonda Rhea
"Never doubt in darkness what you know to be true in the light" - Dr Neil Anderson quoted in Becoming Brave New Woman
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Selfies after 50...more challenging. Abe looks good tho.
My book next to David Platt's at the Southern Baptist Convention. Think anybody got us mixed up?
Took a flying leap on the sidewalk in front of gazillions of Southern Baptists. Oi vey. #LookingLikeADope at the #SBC14
Registration? A breeze. Longest line at the convention? Starbucks. #sbc14 #coffeecoffeecoffee
Book signing @ the Southern Baptist Conv. TOMORROW @ 11. How much would I have to pay you to stand in my line? #SBC14…
I saw a lady with the exact same nightgown as mine. Except I never wear mine to the bank. #ew #usuallyonlyatwalmart
Taped at Upscale Resale in Wentzville, MO today. Par-teh!
How do you stay spiritually hungry? Stop filling-up on the junk food of life.
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Let's pursue honest, deep friendships that will challenge, help, & point us to Jesus. #hellomornings #team365NLT
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Urs, Lord, is the greatness & the power & the glory & the majesty & the splendor, 4 everything in heaven & earth is urs. 1Chron29:11
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Next time I get professional headshots, I’m going to stick out my right arm. Just so everyone will think I’m really good at selfies.
My honey comes home from Africa TOMORROW! Yesssss!!
7 Keys to Staying Married in Ministry: Today is the thirty-seventh wedding anniversary for me and the lovely R...
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The mightiest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God, & the weightiest word in any language is its word for God. #AWTozer
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Looky how I'm starting my mornings this week. Mmmm. #biblestudyandcoffee
Enter up to 3 times for a chance to win my new Bible study, "Embraced by Holiness." Holiness does matter!
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