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Ryan Harvley
follow myIG: Dude squats down behind me by the railing to take a pic of couple at
Dude squats down behind me by the railing to take a pic of couple at #statueofliberty lol. I couldn't help but document the awkwardness lol! #beardlove #funny #summer #tourist #fitfam #shades
follow myIG: Lol @DannieHarvley after a long day of 12 miles of walking through the big ap…
Lol @dannieharvley after a long day of 12 miles of walking through the big apple we had a few beverages on the 2:30 train ride back.. Dannie passed out lol #wine #nyc #weekend #fitfam #beard #love #relax
One day at a time, one pound at a time. One step closer to your goal.
Get your bulk on with C4 pre workout and Alpha Aminos Post workout! "harvley" gets u 25% off
Work on your core strength. Do over head passes with a medicine ball 6-10lbs with a friend. Keep those abs tight!
Challenge yourself this year to try 1 new healthy meal each week. Healthy food is not and does not have to be boring.
Get on the elliptical machine on the weight-loss interval setting and do it for 35 minutes. 3 min forward/ 2 min backward. Ready, GO!
There is a variety of food we can talk about eating to get healthy....but there is one beverage.. W A T E R!
Drink a big glass of water before you chow down today to help over eating and digestion :)
Physical hard work and mental hard work needed in order to see results!
C4 Riped... yes its awesome! #cellucor #fitness
Are you getting enough heart healthy Omegas? Raw almonds, almond butter, olive oil, flax seed oil & avocados. #goodfat not #skinnyfat
This... will add growth to your daily workouts #fitness
I wish I spent today.. But I got adulting to do
Don't cook unless it's with one of the awesome @Cellucor flavors of protein! Use "HARVLEY" FOR 25% OFF BABY!
Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies. -Robert Kennedy
Don't let today's opportunities become tomorrow's what ifs. - Pat Flynn #quote
For MORE motivation don't forget to follow on Instagram !! Name: Rharvley
Stick to the brand you love! @Cellucor
Get those Alpha Aminos :)
People lose their way when they lose their why.- Michael Hyatt #quote
Have a friend that knows how to swing dance? Have them teach you some new steps. Burn calories & have fun!!
This week make it your goal to try 2 new vegetables that u don't normally eat. What ones will you try??
C4 Ripped is pretty bad ass if you don't like creatine, give it a shot at (harvley = 25%off) ur welcome
You will not get what you truly deserve if you're too attached to things you're supposed to let go of.
3 min: 30 sec bicep curls, 30 sec jump rope, 30 tricep dips, 30 sec j.r., 30 sec walking lunges, 30 sec j.r. Rest 30 sec & repeat 3-5x.
I tried L2 before and I cut 5lbs in 5 days of water weight #fitness
Cardio helps strengthen your heart, lower your resting heart rate, reduces cholesterol levels and makes you sweat!!! Fun!!
Stick to the brand you love! @Cellucor
Get those Alpha Aminos :)
Keep in mind what keeps you motivated. Don't lose your fire!!!
Your life will NOT be over if you DON'T eat that cookie? Hands-off, drop it!!!
You wouldn't start the dishwasher cycle if it's empty so don't do the same with your stomach. Don't start your day without BREAKFAST!
Have you ever tried D4 from #cellucor? Get lean! #fitness
Whether it takes u 15 minutes or 7 minutes to run a mile, u still ran a mile....and the person on the couch didn't!
How many times are you going to say tomorrow?? FIT OR FAT? You choose!
Just because you are starting a fitness routine doesn't mean you are a fitness freak, it's about changing the body, reversing the damage!
Dream of success, strength, perseverance and NO FEAR !! When ppl get close to fitness goals their mind can ruin it all! YES YOU CAN!!!
Being a champion 101
Only have 20 minutes to workout?? Do a circuit workout to get the most out of your time!
Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching? - Bruce Van Horn #quote
I can't wait to train again! #cellucor
Train like a beast, look like a beauty.
Flat tummies come from a clean diet! Oatmeal, eggs, fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein, omegas, fiber #eatclean
Guys, P6 Black.. its ridiculous. U Need to try it use "harvley" to get 25% off, dont break the bank #fitness
Find your spirit, and no challenge will keep you from achieving your goals. - Christopher Penn #quote
No candy, no cake, no donuts, no muffins, no white bread, no chips, no fast food, no pastries, no ice cream. Do it for 21 days = #results

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