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The Fitness Dude
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Make a new playlist today and go for a run. New music makes running THAT much better.
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Do your best to avoid eating after 7pm. You're more likely to make unhealthy choices and less likely to sleep as well after a late meal.
#fitness Why It's Always a Bad Idea to Drive When Drowsy #fitspiration
#Fitness #health Obesity Costing the Global Economy Trillions
The fact that undocumented actually listen and call in to @cspanwj shows they care about this country and want to be legit
#fitness #rt Shift in gut bacteria observed in fiber supplement study may offer good news for weight loss
N-Zero is pretty bad ass if you don't like creatine, give it a shot at (harvley = 20%off) ur welcome
Eggs are awesome but crack them on the counter not on the bowl 2 prevent shells from ruining your meal.
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Even if u have not met your weight loss goal yet, don't be afraid 2 share your journey with others. Aim to inspire at least one person.
Check out the amazing programs from the Cellucor Team! #fitness
You wouldn't start the dishwasher cycle if it's empty so don't do the same with your stomach. Don't start your day without BREAKFAST!
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Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies. -Robert Kennedy
#fitness #rt Most Americans don't get the daily recommended amount of fiber in their diet
Always have personal fitness goals. Big, small... all good!
Don?t stop when you are tired, stop when your workout is over.
#fitness #rt Restrictions for saturated fat and calories, but no limits for added sugars, can mean more carbs ...
If you text or tweet at the gym, you're not serious. Leave the funny business at home and go to WORK.
Can't find motivation? Be your own motivation. Can't find someone 2 hold you accountable? Monitor yourself. Be the change, see results.
To answer many ?s I use C4 for my preworkout! Get yours @ "harvley" = 20% off #fitness #npc
I can't wait to train again! #cellucor
Going to college doesn't make you smart, it will teach you to memorize things from books. Real knowledge comes from experience.
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Reduce stress, increase energy & better your mood by getting up off your booty & moving around for an hour or so throughout the day.
You don't have time to workout but you have time to complain about your physical imperfections all the time? Hm...
#fitness How to Lose Weight Without Changing What You Eat #fitspiration
Thou shall not skip the warm up and cool down.
Thinking about a late night snack? How about NOT!
Take a resistance band with you on a jog. At the end of every song you're jamming' to do 20 bicep curls :)
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Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies. -Robert Kennedy
Well: For Teenagers, Early School Start Means More Car Crashes, Study Finds #fitness #health
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Never give up, never stop. Your body is a machine, you can ALWAYS do 60 seconds more, you can ALWAYS do 5 more reps.
P6 Black gives you incredible gains guys! You have to try it (use "Harvley" to save 20%) RT #fitness
Run when you are happy, sad, mad, excited?it?s free therapy.
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Be happy, joyful, positive & focused. If you want to reach your goals, you CANNOT quit now. Who do you go to when you feel unmotivated?
If you're bored and used to your same workout routines, so are your muscles. Keep mixing it up so your body is always being challenged!
Coconut water is really hydrating and high in potassium. Deliciously healthy beverage
If you use 'HARVLEY' AT you get 20% off Shirt, Supps and on your way to getting all jacked up! #RETWEET
People who TRULY love you will support your health and fitness goals. Remove yourself from toxic situations that will limit your success.
#Fitness #health Texting Neck: Hunching Over Your Phone Stresses Your Spine
When doing squats, definitely engage your abs. Keep your chest up, you can hurt your low back if u let your upper body fall forward. #safety
20 Forward punches, 20 jumping jacks. 20 front kicks , 20 pushups. 5 times, please!
If you can't get the kick going, get the kick to GET going #cellucor
#Fitness #health New Brittany Maynard Video Calls For Action
Dark chocolate and fresh raspberries go very well together when your sweet tooth just won't quit.
Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies. -Robert Kennedy
Let the "you can't" people be your motivation. #fitminds
#fitness #rt Home cooking is a main ingredient in a healthier diet