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Rey Bango
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Don't weigh your visitors down with #ImageBloat - Fiddler ImageBloat addon for JPEG & PNG:…
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Wow. Did not expect a phone call from @DeltaAssist on my not so great experience yesterday at SFO. Pleasantly surprised. Tweets work. :)
Happy to be back home after a great time at HTML5DevConf & Twitter @Flight. Great to meet up with some old friends and make new ones.
OMG does this person next to me really need to have a chat on the phone about how her friend needs to eat more protein?
And to top it off, the @Delta rep at gate 42 in SFO was clearly not having a good day. Very curt. Maybe I’ll fly @Virgin next time.
On a plane with people rushing to get their bags into overhead bins & just not caring where they go. Big bags in small bins won’t work.
Dear developers. When we’re lazy, the standards bodies take our lead. Then we’re left with a shit heap that’s funky as hell. It’s our fault.
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The MS chief evangelist, @StevenGuggs, was in the house at Twitter @Flight. Mobile is hugely important to Microsoft.
47% of the @WSJ page views come via Twitter. # twitterflight
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.@Flight looks like a great show. Love the layout and looking forward to this event.
Hanging with @b4nn0n at the Wijmo booth. Nice shirt!
In the lobby of HTML5DevConf. Any peeps here? I know it was drizzling outside and ppl are just arriving.
Landed at SFO. Now on to get my bags and then to the hotel to decompress with a good meal and a drink.
Off to SFO for HTML5DevConf. Been so long since I’ve been there. 👍
Lesson learnt: canary **caches** view source output. Wasted 30 minutes.
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Installed Yosemite. Imagine if Microsoft did “try the new Internet Explorer 11” pop-ups. There would be blood
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Remember when Steve Jobs evangelized simple product lineups? Pepperidge Farm remembers. This is like buying a PC.
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Can't wait for Microsoft Build next year!
.@docker 1.3 is out: signed images, process injection, security options, Mac shared directories… by @scottcjohnston
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Love that Microsoft is really embracing Cordova via Visual Studio. Check it out and test drive +@ryanjsalva
JavaScript Architecture for the 23rd Century by @jcreamer898 via @modernwebhq #javascript
Apparently rewriting Silverlight apps using HTML5/JS is a whole industry unto itself now. Ping me if you need help with this sort of thing.
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I’m hoping to speak at @DDDBrisbane about @Firebase but I need your vote: I promise it will be a fantastic session.
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Two days of high-stakes competition. Three floors to #hack and play. #TelerikHack wants you,
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Internet history quiz time. Who coined the term “surfing the web”?
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So Dice says that Ruby is one of 5 languages near death. Thoughts?…
Confused why Google proposes APIs that introduce their alleged problems with Pointer Events to Touch & Wheel events.…
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Apparently someone felt it’d be funny to say, “I have Ebola!l” on a plane & was removed by ppl in hazmat suits. Unbelievably dumb.
Response to Pointer Events perf issues from @jacobrossi with actual numbers…
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Hey all, @modernwebhq is looking for web devs interested in writing on web development. Have an idea? Submit it.
Hey @abozhilov you should take a look at @Telerik's hackathon in your neck of the woods. $10k prize.
The best and only thing to do on contentious, nuanced topics: link to blog post or discussion area. Do Not Engage On Twitter.
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More details about HTTP/2 and IE.
I'm so sad to hear that the patient in Dallas w/ Ebola has passed. Shows that we still have a lot to learn about the human body. :(
I just bought Sublime Text Power User by the awesome @wesbos
Thanks @troyhunt for creating Have I Been Pwned. I'm good but glad to have this service available
Love what @funkatron has been writing lately. Very insightful stuff "It's So Easy To Be A Dick"
Yes!!!! Thank you Ole Miss from beating Alabama!!! Hopefully another championship-less year for Nick Saban!
@davemethvin @reybango hating on MS is lazy, and easy. Hating on Apple means realizing their capricious self absorbed god doesn't care
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TheIE team is in the middle of the their @IEDevChat tweet chat until noon PT. Ask questions to them by including #AskIE in your tweet!