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Rey Bango
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Apple’s “warrant canary” disappears, suggesting new Patriot Act demands.… HT @webinista
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More awesome coming to Internet Explorer. Updates to our platform roadmap #ie
Googling for solution to a problem. Found somebody asking about same problem in 2012 but they didn't get an answer. That person was me #fml
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Had a great chat today w/ @triblondon on some of the cool stuff @FTLabs is doing; definitely taking a deeper look at
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"IndexedDB is not available in iOS 8 ‘UIWebView’ or Home screen apps” – missing the obvious “…because, well, we hate you” from Apple.
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Nice updates to modernIE: Vagrant support, VMs in Parallels 10 wizard. Love this resource for web devs:
Love that @inov_8 stood by their product and sent me a new pair of F-Lite 230s after the sole started coming apart.
My friend @mbcrump guides you thru getting started w/ AngularJS: AngularJS: One Step at a Time #angularjs #modernweb
I love trolling my peeps at WaggEd +@cr8tivejen
Nice overview of build tools by @aaronbushnell: Modern Web Best Practice: Build Tools
Check out @maryjofoley’s article sharing how we are reaching devs in this new cloud first, mobile first world
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In spite of @bdsams trolling me often, he's actually quite an okay guy. Notice I didn't say "nice". Just "okay".
I love the way @instagram does form validation in their native app. Here's how to do it in a hybrid mobile app.…
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Cool article: Debugging AngularJS Apps from the Console
LOL this is pretty funny and I have to say, spot on. Android from 2012 vs. iPhone 6
TechNet article describes what it will look like when #IE blocks out-of-date #ActiveX controls #MSFTSecWebcast
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Find out how devs like @codepo8, @aerotwist & @LeaVerou determine if it's a browser bug or a code issue?…
Epic! "As a web developer, I always blame the browser makers because I know I never write buggy code!" - @reybango…
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"You trusted us with your nudes, now trust us with your credit card and bank information!” — Apple
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Wow, I didn't know @cwilso had gone over to Apple! ;)
My peeps at @Telerik are putting out great stuff on the Telerik Developer Network. Go check it out at
If you want to watch Apple’s event from a Windows PC use VLC and open this link as the network stream …… /via @mrseb
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JavaScript: Returning this or not returning this, this is the question! by @deltakosh…
The Ravens don't deserve praise for simply doing what's right. The appropriate response is "damn right," not "good for you!"
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The Ravens did the right thing by terminating Ray Rice's contract although they're no innocent party. It's a start.…
.@inov_8 customer support just made me very happy. Love their shoes for working out.
Join the world's biggest hack against climate change Geeklist #hack4good this weekend 12-14 Sep. Join us in Auckland!
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And @nflcommish you're equally culpable for allowing Ray Rice to get off w/ a slap on the hand for this. Disgusting.…
Wow Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens, beyond words how disgusting your actions were. Beyond shameful.…
Why Pointer events are a better solution for touch and IMO why the Chrome team shouldn't drop support for it
"In memory of my friend Luk". A touching post by @indexzero
Quieres aprender a desarrollar con Node y JavaScript? Ven a la edición de nodeschool solo para mujeres en Medellin!…
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Best ad I've seen in awhile thanks to @IKEAUSA. Trolling Apple ads is truly awesomeness!
Two great tools, Kendo UI & @Firebase, highlighted in a tutorial by one of my favorite peeps, @JohnBristowe. Check it
I love people who repay what they owe. Makes me trust them so much more. <3
Ember has done a great job scaling up to the demands of large and complex apps:
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Greenfield projects are for PANSIES. I eat technical debt for BREAKFAST.
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I'm speaking at #FOWA Boston. Early Birds end this Friday but you can have an extra 15% off with promo code SPEAKER
My dad died of lung cancer due to smoking so very happy about the news that CVS will stop selling tobacco products.
.@ppk @patrick_h_lauke it would be great if you guys could weigh in on the Chromium bug, if you want Pointer events
Congrats @Telerik on creating the first Apache Cordova verified plugins marketplace
While you're buying books, don't forget to grab @tkadlec's on implementing responsive design. #mobileweb
Today's award for "easiest decision to purchase" goes to The Mobile Web Handbook, by @ppk.…
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