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Andy Revkin
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Ivory-drive slaughter is terrible, but biggest threat to Africa's elephants remains habitat loss.… @TheBTI
US coal exported to South Korea produces less CO2 if US coal plants switch to natural gas…
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Study concludes manmade global warming has cause 70 percent of recent global glacier melt.
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.@FLGovScott has been officially told, in person, by scientists, that global warming is flooding Florida.…
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Get well and take it easy, @danfagin!
A @cshirky @Medium must-read for my #PaceBlog students on print journalism's next great contraction.…
How did Blackfish not get an Oscar nod? MT @Revkin: @SeaWorld trainers will never again swim with orcas. via @ABC
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Vandana Shiva nails the gestalt, now if she'd just correct all the mistakes @specterm pointed out...… via @grist
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My latest in Hungry Hungry Humans: Is producing more food to feed the world beside the point?… via @grist
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.@SeaWorld Drops Appeal of OSHA Violation. Trainers will never again swim with orcas. via @ABC
Fab report: @christophjoyce @nprnews: Elephant Slaughter, African Slavery & America's Pianos
Trends in UK flooding driven by increased settlement in flood zones.…
Getting caught with our plants down: risks of global crop yield slowdown from climate trends in next two decades…
California has given away rights to far more water than it has. UC Davis study.…
Nice @byjohnroach piece on the tradeoffs (including burned birds) in every energy choice via @NBCNews
On @GMA: Mother of journalist James Foley, apparently beheaded by ISIS, speaks out:
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"I believe that front-line journalism is important" -- a profile of James Foley, murdered by ISIS
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Loved @dontgetcaught's FB exclamation: "Today's great thing: My cancer surgeon fired me." Bravo, Denise.
Californians know little about groundwater supplies because well-drilling records are kept secret. @ddimick @NatGeo
CPJ condemns the killing of American journalist James Foley, at least the 70th journalist killed in #Syria conflict…
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Approximately 20 #journalists, both local and international, are currently missing in #Syria: @pressfreedom…
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Former Stars and Stripes reporter Foley beheaded by militants - Middle East - Stripes…
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Everything you ever might want to know about @drvandanashiva's anti-sci/tech career laid out by @GeneticLiteracy:
Outrageous RT @DeSmogBlog Report Reveals Cost Cutting Measures At Heart Of Lac-Megantic Oil Train Disaster
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Great: Senator pushes seismic upgrades in Oregon schools @Salem_Statesman Context @dotearth:…
Cheaper, safer nuclear energy? WATCH @FareedZakaria's fascinating interview with Dr Leslie Dewan… @PandorasPromise
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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist 2014 Students on Ice Arctic Expedition Recap
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PNAS study provides valuable detail on elephant slaughter, relationship to local ivory price, etc. @ste_kenya…
Great @nytimesscience conversation with @patcwright on Madagascar lemur work at @CentreValBio
USGS "Did You Feel it?" data produce fascinating finding showing lubrication may dampen induced-quake shaking.…
AP @borenbears: USGS study finds far less shaking in injection-induced quakes than natural ones of same magnitude.…
Sewage + algae (with some work) = fertilizer + clean water + biodiesel precursor. @MattWaldNYT on @AlgaeSystems
Cleaner New York waters see surge in whale and shark numbers via @guardian
From Tree Planting Along a Dirt Road to Car-Free Village Living
Behind the mask of a reactionary mystic feted by the left: Vandana Shiva profiled in @NewYorker by @specterm…
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Reading on Western water crisis @PdeMenocal notes "Seager et al. 2007… seems prescient now."
Snow layer on Arctic sea ice thinning since 30s-50s, UW study in JGR/Oceans:…
Killing cormorants when they eat "our" fish - then (1998 Lake Erie) and now (Oregon):
Don’t build a new inter-ocean canal across Nicaragua: @LSU_FISH @SFriedScience
In super @WeatherSullivan piece: "Waiting for #ElNino is starting to feel like Waiting for Godot,” says M. L’Heureux,