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Brother Amartey
"They tell me that I rub the fur the wrong way. I don't; let the cat turn around." - Billy Sunday
Breaking: the Monsanto Protection Act is back and WORSE than ever @food_democracy Pls RT #labelGMOs
Governor Mary Fallin: Save the Ten Commandments! - Sign:…
John Kasich, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Secretary of State John Husted: Pass and sign into law a pasto...… via @Change
Marriage is not just a civil union, but a spiritual union where one plus one equals one and not two, the two becoming one flesh! Matt 19:4-5
It is easy to get lost when you follow the crowd!
A pyrrhic victory for homosexuals! They'd take counsel together, but it'll come to nought; they'd speak but it will not stand. Isaiah 8:10
#SCOTUS #marriage ruling is shocking abuse of power, and will never be accepted - @tperkins
tell @Costco to say NO to GMO salmon, you won't shop there or else No Way! @food_democracy Please RT #stopFrankenfish
What the Church needs more than ever is boldness - boldness to speak "as they ought to speak" (Ephesians 6:20).-Connie Giordano
Many preachers in America today are just wimps and pimps!
The truth is that God has left many churches in America and what we see today are endless programs to keep people busy. O Lord, revive us!
Lifetime TV network: CANCEL the Reality Show "Preach"… via @Change
Lifetime TV network: CANCEL the Reality Show "Preach"… via @Change
Tell the USDA to End Monsanto's GMO Contamination! Coexistence is the end of organics! Pls RT @food_democracy
Congress: Pass the Police CAMERA Act… via @Change
You can hate all you want, but no amount of hate and venom can stop anyone who is destined to win, to overcome and to conquer!
You can hate him all you want, but no amount of hate and venom can stop anyone destined to win, to overcome and to conquer !!! #MayPac
"Worldliness has overtaken the church in America. Materialism and comfort have become the idols…" — BrotherAmartey
CEO Brad Damphousse: GoFundMe: Stop Discriminating Against Christians! - Sign:…
Say NO to Monsanto and the TPP! Stop the Secret Trade Deal @food_democracy Please RT #LabelGMOs #stopTPP
World Bank: Protect El Salvador community from mining company's abuse… via @Change
World Bank: Protect El Salvador community from mining company's abuse… via @Change
breaking: Monsanto's Roundup “Probably carcinogenic to humans” @food_democracy Pls RT #banRoundup #labelGMOs
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia: Hire Najee Rivera!… via @Change
"Revival isn't the discovery of some new truth but the rediscovery of the grand old truth of God's power in and through the Cross." -S Tipp
President of the United States: End Forced Marriage in the United States!… via @Change
Don't hold on to the past. You've got to get past your past to get to your future!
I'd rather please God and offend people than please people and offend God. What about you?
"Trying to run a church without revivals can be done when you can run a gasoline engine on buttermilk." -Billy Sunday
Hon. Phil Mendelson: Petition Justifable Vindication & Release of Ajamu Johnson… via @Change
Movement News & Conversation | OneCry | A Nationwide Call for Spiritual Awakening
"We must continue in prayer if we are to get an outpouring of the Spirit." - Andrew A. Bonar
"There can be no revival apart from the Holy Ghost; He is the author of every Heaven-sent movement." -James Alexander Stewart
Congress: Help high-ability students succeed! Pass the TALENT Act!… via @Change
Christians must stop turning the other cheek and deal with ISIS ruthlessly and decisively! You don't reason with animals, but kill them!
Attorney General Eric Holder: Create a national database for police shootings… via @Change
Carolyn W. Colvin: End your wrongful collections against my family.… via @Change
"Revival is war between the Spirit and the Devil" - Dr. J. Edwin Orr
Revival is, "Christ showing up in extraordinarily powerful new way, to overthrow the status quo and establish His claims afresh" -Steve H
Anita Alvarez: Clear Tyrone Hood
Thomas P. DiNapoli: Don’t punish a good cop for standing up to police brutality.… via @Change
How prophetic! Tozer spoke the oracles of God, but who is, or who are these kind of Old Testament preachers, and where do they come from?
......Such a leader will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God and will earn the hatred and opposition of Christendom....Tozer
Another kind of religious leader must arise among us.......he will stand in flat contradiction to everything we hold dear........A. W. Tozer

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