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But why when you can adopt, right? #retweet if you agree!
For every person on Earth, 62 @LEGO_Group pieces have been made.
Humans are originally programmed for 2 four-hour sleep cycle, which is why we often wake up in the middle of the night and unable to sleep.
How cute! That's what we call caring! #retweet
Doorways are linked to memory lost, which is why we often forget a task after entering or exiting the room. #Didyouknow
A condition called "False Awakening" occurs when you're dreaming that you've woken up, but still are in deep #sleep.
Playing #video #games before bedtime gives an ability to control dreams. Gamers are more likely to have lucid dreams than non-gamers.
That is a beautiful horse, wouldn't you agree? #retweet
Our brains overlooks the flaws of a person we are in #love with, this is what makes it hard for us to leave them after they hurt us.
The happier you are, the less #sleep you require to function in everyday life. #Sadness increases the urge to sleep more. #WhatifIToldYou
Cats have been blamed for the global extinction of 33 species. #Justsaying #didyouknow
At Shell gas stations, press the button on the side of the air pump three times. The pump will start without having to insert coins.
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If you want to download a Youtube video, simply add "ss" to the URL between www. and Youtube
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An idiot is a stupid person with a mental age below 3 years, while a moron is a stupid person with a mental age of between 7-12 #Justsaying
A study suggests, the key to the perfect's night sleep is going to bed at 10PM,wearing pajamas and having a cup of tea. Let us know it works
Congratulations Lauren I. for making it to our Contributor of the Week! And yes, we sure could use a vacation! ;)
If you #fail your driver's license practical test 3 times in Switzerland, you have to visit a Psychologist to explain why you failed it.
Flying or floating? Amazing!
April 2nd is National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day. #didyouknow