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Ryan Cortez
Bro if my mom finds out we stayed up this late I'll be in huge trouble !
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L.O.L extream fuck around sesh :-)
Dudde was gettin it in his car
The "mainstream" music industry is so sinister
There is still more coffee left..but no one is home hmmmm
Like this tweedr
Like my status or you will get wrekd
That was a good quality time car ride with @Christian_G_707 's family :-)
Is in your extended network
At least I'm stuck in traffic with my pal @Christian_G_707 . He's a popular kid :-)
2AM is such a catchy song
Idgaf how iggy's ass looks stop spreading your fucking virus shit
Welp I guess I might as well stay up
Cup of Noodles and "The Office" nigga
Y'all love to fake pray for stuff for retweets
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Retweeted by Ryan Cortez
Lets get ready guys!!! Skew tiem
if youre gonna make music atleast know how to play an instrument
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I feel a lot better when someone checks my 6 before I go to bed
I have some much swag im thinking about going on independent study because ill just make all the other kids jealous
This is his sitting spot. I don't even know how he fits up there... @meowingtons_pHd
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been using "i cant... i would, but, it's my cats birthday today." as an excuse all day, and will continue to do so.
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I think they call it tv games, game box, or box x
Whose down to get on some tv games?
Random retweet time
@jakemiller i think my sneaky photobomb deserves a round of applause.👏👏 😂
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*Lexi stands up and looks at me* Lexi:Oh my god! 😩😩😩😩
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“@real_shit5900: when someone wants to be with you, they will be with you no excuses, shadiness, or hesitation it really is that simple.”
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