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Ryan Cortez
Well my house is a circus now...admission is $10
ONLY IN MY DREAMS!!!! This house with a walkway to the front door AND GUTTERS!!!
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OH MY! 😍 2006 Chrysler Minivan πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
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Like i dont really care but if you think im gonna try to be quiet then that sucks
I come out of my room and there is some radom chick passed out on my couch
Last week went by hella fast
I film like shit and illenoski kills it πŸ‘
Damn that guy just broke his arm hella bad!
You realize how old when you think about how longs its been since you were tagged in these
I love my friends
Debating to go out right now or stay in and get some rest
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Nobody is getting laid on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers tonight
Follow my nigga sandmanofficialgoon
These dark clouds better do some shit or its bad
Just rain already fuck, stop teasing cordildo
I'm single because I take relationships seriously.
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it feels like i have a splinter in my arm but there isnt so lie...wut fuk
Well my house is getting exterminated next week, can i live with anyone?
I hate how people think not liking mainstream shit makes you a hipster, no I hate it because mainstream media is bullshit
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my dog tripped me but i saved my coffee, did i win or win?
I can watch your snapchats over and over and over again and you would never know πŸ‘€
Is Mr. Castros basic due tomarrow or Wednesday?
Is Mr. Castros basic due tomorrow or Wednesday
How is Selena Gomez getting a new hairstyle news?
Smoking weed doesn't fuck up your life, you fuck up your life. If you can't handle smoking weed and getting your shit done that's all on you
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beats sells to apple for 3 bil. tim hortons sells to BK for 11b... notch sells minecraft for 2.5 billion... what the fuck?
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Aye who wants to help me fundraise for 200 dollars, i get to keep all the money but at least you can say to yourself that you helped :-)
I feel like boobs are becoming way less explicit in society
People only trip about boobs still if the nipple is showing other than that people dont trip as much
Fuck i have 0 dollars
Fuck cracking Fl studios im just gonna buy it
About to take a shower after sweating my fuckin nuts off today
"My girlfriend cheated on me so I dumped her. I'm dating her mom now so now that bitch is my step daughter." - Texas Tech University
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Having a pot luck on the first day im not hungry at school 😑