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Tom Renner
Buzzin - Mann {I Feel Like Money}
Soulja Boy Kiss Me Through The Phone used to have all the hoes turnt at the middle school dances
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Could do with a lie in tomorrow 😴😫
They want pocket money, man i want stacks @TKDOfficiall
might have to get a job at royal mail after what @ThePremiumRat has just said £££
Its safone, on a mad one, growing up i was always the bad one @SafoneStayfresh
Cba paying for people who cba to work
The NHS from now on: "Just put a wet paper towel on it"
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fuck all the old Tory voters when ur 6 feet under I'm the one that's gona have to pay these fucking debts ffs
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People can be so rude when your trying your best to be polite,and when you switch your the bad guy and there the victim. Cunts
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Irony of UKIP ending up in the top 4 but not wanting to take any part in Europe
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"If UKIP win I’m calling shotgun on the AUX cable in the boat." LOOOOOOOOOOOL
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people will 100 sec stories put me off snapchat
you can't expect something from nothing
Still passed maths and I was pissed in the second exam 👍
Weather like this makes me wish I was 17, so I could drive instead of walking 😢
Do people still think if they share & like a picture they will win a free ps4 :///
All these A's and B's but you don't even have £20 in ya bank 😂😂
They scream out my failures but whisper my accomplishments
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Think b4 u speak ye, just saying
Mayweather V Khan would be worth watching
if you think 16 yr olds shouldn't vote because they're kids remember that next time you're yelling at a 16 yr old to pick a career
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The only person that I believe can challenge @FloydMayweather is my bro @AmirKingKhan #48-1
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if you have left school and dont have a job by now, then god help ya
Could probably do with eating more fruit 😬😷
After that fight I would never watch a mayweather fight again boring cunt
Mayweather and Paquiao both won. The viewers lost. #MayweatherPacquiao
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Big let down in vegas. Was that a boxing match or Dancing With The Stars? ;^\
Retweeted by Tom Renner
seemed a waste staying up for a 12 round hug fest
Manny all day 👊
please dont make out your life is worst than others and bragging about it
those spenders they can laugh now, us stackers will laugh later @Remtrexfive
Super Noodles save lives
JDZmedia - Remtrex [ELITE SESSIONS]

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