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Tom Renner
Just need to win the lottery now
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Retweeted by Tom Renner
U feel gassed when you're on the aux and someone says "whats this tune called??" Like yeah i got bangers
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FT: Everton 3-1 Chelsea. Naismith comes off the bench and scores a brilliant hat-trick. What a man, what a game, what a win! COYB! #EFCvCHE
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Nothing's ever simple
They think they know but they don't
When ya feel like you are getting replaced 👍🏼
too many people talking about having a good future with loads of money but too busy spending £40 on dominoes to show off on snapchat
Some people need to realise what's important
#CertainMan will leave you with dry mouth in there house and expect you to walk past the mom dad and Nan and make a drink for yourself
Retweeted by Tom Renner
Retweeted by Tom Renner
Wtf is going on 😂
You get rid of one problem and then another one comes 😪
The type of shit I see nigaz do 4 money 🙈
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Lil brudda like "I know that aint just pampers girl"
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'These brudda wanna fight like they have loads of P's, oh you think 1 grands rich must be joking me' @realmostack 💯💯
It's All About Who You Know. End Of
Retweeted by Tom Renner
'concentrate on losing weight before you think about music mate, in a clash you'll be losing straight' RIP @DepzmanInvasion
So hard to find something decent to watch on TV
Some man have more to say then they've done
Retweeted by Tom Renner
Probably worst summer I've ever had
dont like leaving the house with my phone on low battery
People would rather tweet about their struggles than actually get off there arse and doing something about it
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I've been asking Sox for an 8 bar for the best part of 2months. Listening to it now its sounding sick
Retweeted by Tom Renner
the amount of nose bleeds i have ://
there's not enough hours in the day
My whole school life
this year has gone so fast, September tomorrow
#MUFC 19 year old signing Anthony Martial V my neighbour's 19 year old Ford Mondeo
Retweeted by Tom Renner
6 week waiting list to do your driving test is a pisstake
Wow GTA V has almost been out for 2 years
Do not understand how people can eat a hot meal with a hot drink
Retweeted by Tom Renner
If you've ever retweeted one of them "RT IN THE NEXT 10 SECONDS OR ELSE BAD LUCK" tweets, you are a full blown dickhead in life.
Retweeted by Tom Renner
She probably got no goals like bendtner, probably got no goals like sanogo 🙏�@MCTigzXIXI
nout to actually do
Never felt so determined in my life. It's on. It so fuckin on.
Retweeted by Tom Renner
Coleman looking like Ronaldo from rightback
I wish I was one of them people that can just close my eyes and go sleep straight away😞😴💤💤💤
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