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What you've never had you'll never miss
Got a 40 min after school tomorrow.. Last thing I want on a Friday
Don't even want too sleep just want to eat tbh
It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela
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Mouth is full of blood and that hate it
It goes in the whole :( ffs
Only drinking water and orange and brushing my teeth 24/7 now fuck going dentist again. I'm starving here and don't want to eat incase
Just seen somebody in Facebook put a status asking who Nelson Mandela was, are they for fucking real?
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RIP Nelson Mandela.
Tbh I thought it would be harder to get a tooth taken out but
Only drinking non sugar drinks from now on watch
Mouth is so numb
Had a tooth removed
It's well weird don't know if it's a normal place to actually get pain
I can see what is wrong with my teeth
Mum delivered KFC for me too school mate free of charge
Right going for the morning shower
I liked a @YouTube video A Tribute to Paul Walker