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Relax Focus Enjoy
Setting big #goals is the best way to motivate and inspire yourself to work hard and achieve something.
Don'’t settle for less than you deserve. #goalsetting
No #goals will be achieved if you cannot focus on the process of achieving that goal.
Set Your Sights On Your Most Important Goal #goal setting
RT @That1chickuknow Never stop trying. When you think you should quit, push one more time. You can do anything. #determined #motivation
Being busy doesn't always mean that you're productive. :)
There's still hope. All you have to do is to act. Time to recharge you life. #change
Something that will make you smile :) ► 6 Tips to Being Happy in the Present Moment #podcast
Tardiness a sign of irresponsibility and lack of discipline, know the steps to stop this habit!
Why it is important to celebrate success and failure … How to get past failures quickly and move on …
Recharge your life now and experience the life you should be living.
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8 Books to Help You Achieve Your Goals - Relax Focus Enjoy… via @RelaxFocusEnjoy
"Discover the 5 Simple Steps to Creating the Life of Your Dreams"
Set yourself up for success by doing things you know you can succeed with, over and over.
Build optimism to increase your expectancy of success, making tasks more pleasant and rewarding.
Tired of not living up to your full potential and reaching your dreams because you keep on procrastinating?
Are you sick of consistently stopping in your tracks with anxiety, frustration, irritation, dread, and resentment?
Do you know that Being Late Creates A Self-Sustaining Negative Loop That Amplifies Anxiety and Frustration
Tardiness has a bad effect on you. Don't be late anymore. Read this simple tips.
Being late will not make you productive at all. Stop this bad habit. Learn how Navy Seals do everything on time.
Learn on how to overcome your problems with tardiness. Learn it the effective way.
Still struggling with always being late? Learn from the Navy Seals on how to be always on time.
Why store everything in your head? Write your thoughts down and discover its benefits to you.
Remember: Your brain will surely thank you if you always write things down.
Do you know that WRITING THINGS DOWN, helps you to keep your mind calm and relaxed.
You can improve your chances of getting things done when you practice writing things down.
Writing everything down is a simple but very powerful habit to develop. Find out why?
Writing your goals will actually help you fuel your desire, passion and motivation to achieve them.
When you set goals, start to focus on what’s really important & everything else starts to become less important.
Without goals, your life can feel like a boat that’s floating aimlessly down a river.
Setting goals is a great way to identify your purpose. Go on set some goals now!
How can writing down what you want on paper make any difference to your life?
The more you simplify your mind and life, the better you will start to feel.
Declutter your life - the best way to simplify your life and focus on what is important.
Simplify your goals & projects. Focus on the most essential goals and projects. #goalsetting
Learning to simplify your life is an essential habit which teaches us about taking things away and doing less.
You got 6 months to live! Decide quickly… Try this as your motivation in achieving your goal.
Make a list of all the things you wished you had done, but didn’t do. Take each regret and rewrite it as a positive
Make your goal setting activities a more exciting and enjoyable one!
5 fun goal setting activities that ‘rev up’ your creative juices and let you enjoy the goal setting process.
We need to have direction in our lives instead of floating down a river in a boat without a paddle.
“I don’t see myself as talented. What I excel is at ridiculously work ethic” Will Smith
“Attack your fears. I’m motivated by fear. I hate being scared to do something” Will Smith
“Greatness exist in all of us. Goals enable you to be positive in your outlook” Will Smith