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It's normal for couples to have disagreements but how you handle them is what will make all the difference.
You change for two reasons, either u learn enough that u want to, or you've been hurt enough that u have to.
Fall in love naturally, don't force yourself to love someone out of desperation.
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Trust should be the foundation of the relationship and communication should be the roof.
When he smiles after kissing you šŸ˜šŸ˜˜
If you keep telling everyone about what your ex did to you, how they were wrong and how you're better without're not over them.
Pretty words are not always true and true words are not always pretty
At some point in ur life u will either believe a liar or love a heartbreaker, u have to learn the hard way who they are
A real person will love u for ur positives not ur negatives & will turn the negatives into a positive
Don't slack on ur appearance because you're not single anymore, they still want the sexy person they fell for
We all have scars from previous relationships. Be understanding of your partner's insecurities, be there for them as they heal.
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If u cant save the relationshp at least save ur pride, dont let anyone walk all over u
When he says he's over 6 feet tall šŸ˜
Stop fooling urself with 'it'll be different this time', its just different shades of the same
Don't let someone rent space in ur head if they're not paying the cost to be there
Laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding urself that everything happens for a reason
Its better to have no one, then to have someone who is half there, or doesnt even want to be there
Love will ask u to step out of ur comfort zone, to sacrifice and to compromise, if u can't agree, you're not ready
What u put up with, u end up with, u can only expect what u accept from someone
If u carry bricks from ur past relationship to ur new one, u will build the same house
Weak people make weak relationship and play the dating game. Strong people build strong relationships and marriages.
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If you break up and they get a new boo a week later, you know what they were doing when you were together. In no way is the new boo "new".
When u accept someone into ur life, you're also accepting their baggage, and no one travels without a packed bag.
Girls love holding hands like this šŸ’šŸ˜˜
Second chances are a gift not a hand-out, Learn from ur mistakes, try harder, and strive for something better
If u want to know where ur heart is, look where ur mind wanders
Forgiveness may not change the past but it gives the future a chance
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Never take a good person for granted, because there's always someone waiting around to appreciate what u didn't
A person who's able to control their anger & dare to be the first to forgive or apologize will always win in the end
Love doesn't change, people do, so don't let one failure make u lose ur faith in love
I'm woman enough to know that pointing out the flaws of other women won't make me flawless.
Ppl who are meant to be together find their way back, they may take a few detours, but they're never lost
Talking about my flaws doesn't make you flawless.
Don't walk away because ur scared to face the situation, walk away when u've done all u can do to save it
Women need to start seeing a man for who he REALLY is and not for who she WANTS him to be.
I need a "Get dressed I'm picking you up for breakfast" kinda guy šŸ˜
Ur heart decides who u want to keep in ur life but ur behavior decides who will stay in ur life
I don't believe I'm perfect but I do believe I'm humble & my pussy is magic. šŸ’ƒšŸ±šŸŒžšŸ’«
A great way to communicate sometimes is to just listen. It's more about what's right not who's right
#Remember U can't steal anyone who wasn't ready to leave, and no one can be taken from u if they didn't want to go