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A 3rd person never creates problems between two ppl, but a problem between two ppl creates space for 3rd person
They can say whatever, their actions show their real feelings, everything else is just talk.
Hurt people only hurt people. Heal First!
Someone can break ur heart and u still love them with all the pieces that are left
Dont let stubborness drag out an argument if ur wrong just admit it, and if ur right dont rub it in
Its better to be slapped by the truth then kissed with a lie...
Most ppl cheat because they pay to much attention to what they're missing instead of what they already have
The most lavish mansions owned by celebs
No one falls in love by choice, it's by chance, no one stays in love by chance, it takes work
Sometimes you're not mad at what they did, you're mad because they didn't do what u expected
Stuff happens, people change, life changes, it breaks our heart and we move on because that's all we can do
If u can love the wrong person that much, stop and think of how much u can love the right one
If you're not gonna give ur all, give them the space to find somebody who will
#ToMyFutureKids date for a purpose. Date because there's potential there not because you're tired of being single.
A broken heart can't be fixed when your mind isn't right. Take time to reflect before going into another relationship.
Don't lose something GREAT because you were too focus on what feels GOOD right now (at the moment).
#Remember If ur honest from the very beginning, u'll have no lies to cover up later.....
Forgiving doesn't mean u agree with what they did, it means u know they are truly sorry and you're ready to move on
Sometimes u fall in love with someone who just wasn't ready to be loved
When u take things for granted, the things u are granted get taken
I don't need you in my life if you're not making any effort to be in it. #SimpleAsThat
A woman that knows her worth stands by this 💯
Do not let the pain and hurt from the past cause you to sabotage the good thing the present and future offer. Heal first!
Sometimes you just have to forgive and let go.