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Being friends with ur ex shows u two are mature enough to get over the fact u weren't meant to be together
Hidden resentments poison a relationship; so if something bothers you, say it.
Workout with your boyfriend or girlfriend for motivation then for a reward go home and have sex.
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Ex's should stay ex's, they're the example of false love and an explanation for why u deserve better
A relationship won't work if they don't support the fuck outta you. They have to fuck with you on the deepest level... They have to get you.
Its okay to forget the past, but always remember what it taught u
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The worst part about being lied too, is feeling stupid u believed it
After you've tried everything the only thing left is good-bye
EVERY relationship is different, so don't compare urs to the next, or listen to the comparison of others
Don't stay in the relationship just to prove people wrong.
You ever started talking to someone so dope u had to give yourself a pep talk? like "alright now bitch, control yo self. Don't fuck this up"
Sometimes its best to lose an argument to them, then to lose them over an argument
Be heartless or be heartbroken
The pain u feel today will be the strength u feel tomorrow
I've collected all the fucks I give very neatly in a jar for you, here you go
I believe in annoyed at first sight
Never chase love, affection or attention, if it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having
Don't confuse still being in love,when you're just attached to what's familiar
A real man fights 4 his woman! He stays during the bad times & deals with her bullishit. He sees potential n her she might not see n herself
Your boyfriend or girlfriend isn't your child. You shouldn't tell them what to do neither should you live by their orders..
Communication is major in relationships. Learn to speak the language of love.
Getting over someone is not forgetting them, its learning to live without them
Its always rains the hardest on the ppl who deserve the sun, so don't give up because of a couple of bad trails
All relationship problems stem from poor communication.
I’m a very private person. You don’t ask, I don’t tell... you ask, I still dont tell.
Never put yourself in a situation where you're not sure of where you stand in a person's life.
Consistency is all I ask for
Simply thinking and listening before you speak will avoid alot of unnecessary arguments and confusion.
Love with your heart not with your mouth. Your heart will produce the right actions but your mouth will only produce sounds.
To settle an argument think of what is right not who is right
People don't change, they just show u who they really are...
No matter how much you know they love you, you'll have doubt sometimes. Humans by nature tend to doubt good things.
Not every person in a relationship is happy, although many pretend to be.
Never accept to be second to someone, when u can be first to someone else
MFs will beg for your time⌚️ then waste it 😒✌️
Stop loving someone who used to love u, you're only making urself suffer
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Sometimes when u give up on someone, it's not because u don't care anymore but because u realize they don't
If they can watch u cry and don't care, they can watch u leave and won't care
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Don't waste your tears on someone who won't waste not one breath on you.