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relationships advice 377,618 followers
Never close a door that someone still holds a key to.
If its not the whole truth then its a lie
U have not truly forgiven them if ur still bringing it up
Ppl are who they are, don't expect them to live up to an image u create
#WeCantBeInARelationshipIf you're not looking to build something that will last. I date to find someone to build a future with.
True love doesn't mean being inseparable, it means being separated and nothing changes
U may not have anyone lying NEXT to u at night, but its better than someone lying TO u every night
If you're the only one fighting for ur relationship, u already took the loss
Sometimes u have to let go to see if it was something worth holding on to
Dont expect to have true love if ur not ready to have the pain and struggle that comes with it
Crying wont make them come back, saying 'I don't care' doesn't stop u from caring & holding it in doesnt make u stronger
Ppl change no matter how hard they try not to, u just have to find someone who will grow and change with u
A good relationship takes time it requires work. Get to know someone enough before you open your mind, body and soul to them.
Moving on is not forgetting, its remembering and learning from ur mistakes
One of ur hardest decisions will be deciding whether to walk away or stay, and if u have to wonder its time to leave
Pain is temporary, love is forever, don't make it the other way around
Sometimes u have to cry, not because you're weak, but because you've been strong too long
Become best friends before you become lovers. There will be more honesty in the relationship and less secrets.
If you're fighting for a spot in their heart, it simply means there's no space for u there...
Sometimes it's only after u leave a situation that u realize u shouldn't have been in it to begin with
Stop focusing so much on needing someone, and work on being the one someone needs
Cheating is not a mistake, its a choice, if u had time to cheat, u had time to know u where wrong
When u leave a good home to go roam, don't be surprised to come back to an empty house
Always forgive but never forget, and don't keep bringing it up