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RT @starheal: Tomorrow begins the first of three super full moons in a row. The other two occur 9/27 and 10/27. #astrology
.@JillianMichaels is out to find America’s next big fitness phenomenon. #SweatInc premieres October 20th at 10/9c.…
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And...this fall I'm teaching a new class on how to connect with the #Angels and Archangels through crystal healing + essential oils!
Really looking forward to the fall weather. This summer humidity has been brutal. #nyc
I see crows everywhere. Literally everywhere.
Then I pulled my cards today for more clarity about my dream and this came up...
I often receive messages in my dreams, and this dream was quite vivid.
I had a dream about a butterfly and a raven/crow in my home. Reminds me of the tarot cards I pulled a few days ago.
I #vote for @DaysForGirls to #UpgradeYourWorld for every girl. Everywhere period.
I'm using this wonderful Brainwave session: Scene D'Amour From:Brainwaves…
This is useful for massage and applying essential oils.
Can you heal naturally with #doTERRA oils? Check out the website and find out! #essentialoils #wellness #health
If you want to sample #doTERRA #essentialoils I'm giving away a #free Wild Orange! 🍊 Email: nicole1174@gmail.comV
Alanis Morisette uses #doTERRA essential oils! Interested in improving your #wellness? Msg me for a sample.
Review: Black Opal - Color Splurge [Lipstick and Luxury - NYC] #makeup
Trying out these gorgeous lip crayons from @janeiredale - swatches & review coming soon!
Karma RT @CBCNews: Texas man shoots armadillo, bullet ricochets back into his face
That beautiful moment when @UltraViolet members convene to mourn, honor & organize. #SandraBland #BlackLivesMatter
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One of my favorite pieces of Kyanite. ✨ #crystalhealing
I'm using this wonderful Brainwave session: Scene D'Amour From:Brainwaves…
Sunstone + Natural Citrine = crystal happiness
Feeling Patriotic? Try This Memorial Day Nail Art… #memorialday
What flag will fly for me When I die? What flag of red and white and blue, Half-mast, against the sky?
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The only thing holding you back are your excuses. Motivation comes from within. #truthbomb
When we go through some sort of trauma, it's normal to feel sadness & fear. As you express your feelings, you will begin to get relief.
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If you're still unfulfilled after receiving what you've wanted, you're not aware of what you need.
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My spirit vine of sacred medicine. #ayahuasca
Setting intentions and visualization are the secrets to manifestation. ✨
When I count my blessings I count them twice. #gratitude
Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'… via @NBCNews
11 is a master number, as the higher octave of 2, it represents balance of masculine & feminine and a key to unlock the subconscious mind.
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For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible. ~Stuart Chase.
Carnelian infused, organic natural coconut lime sugar scrub. #crystalhealing #organic 💖r
Signs that you're an old soul. #reincarnation
Today's full moon is a powerful time of release. Be kind with yourself and others.
#Pisces Jobs: Clairvoyants, creative geniuses, saints, speakers, writers, philosophers, entertainers, physicians, poets, & counselors
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Graphic Video: #LAPD tackle a homeless man to the ground, taser then shoot & kill him. This needs to go viral ASAP!…
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When we understand what is happening in our lives we let it go. We won't hold on to the "what if".
A love so deep the ocean is jealous...
Your body is the vessel. Your heart is the soul. Love yourself. #InDeepShift
Healing is wealth. 👑
Cerrusite, the stone of spiritual alchemy. #CrystalHealing
Words are magic, each letter and sound carries an energetic vibration. Thats why they call it spell-ing. #energy

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