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The full harvest moon in Pisces tonight.
My sweethearts are back to school today. They're my heart and soul. #BackToSchoolNYC
Wire wrap set: Ametrine. Chalcopyrite, Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Labradorite. #crystalhealing #crystals #kyanite #ametrine #agate #labradorite
Citrine from The Congo - all natural. Citrine is known as the "Merchants Stone", that attracts prosperity. Also a powerful stone to ease anxiety & balance the solar plexus chakra. #citrine #crystaltherapy #crystalhealing
Bathroom selfie with my love. 💗
Today's Super Moon is one of the largest and most magical this year. “…This Full Moon illuminates: supportive networks, flashes of genius, kindred spirits, human potential for evolution, innovative use of technology, relations with friends, quantum leaps in spiritual growth, sudden events or realiza
Be positive, think positive and let your actions reflect that. #empath #energy #psychic #love
Today's pocket stones are Ametrine and Rutilated Smoky Quartz. I'm working on balancing the physical with the spiritual while remaining grounded in my thoughts and actions. #quartz #ametrine #chakras #crystalhealing #crystaltherapy #aura #energy
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I'd like to have just 1 twitter account so please follow me @_NicoleDantzler - this account is now inactive. Thanks!
Perfect stones for new moon work: Iolite and Labradorite.
New Moon today - a time to set clear intentions for what we want to bring into our lives. Writing is a powerful tool to help in manifestation work. Light a candle, write down your desires and visualize your future. #newmoon #loa #manifestation
When we have balance with money, we have total faith that whatever we need will be provided. Everything is energy.
New crystal beauties: Chrysanthemum stone and Staurolite (Fairy Stone)! #crystalhealing #crystals
I had a delicious angel channeling reading and angelic healing session last night. I'm feeling refreshed! #HealTheHealer
Today's stone is Black Tourmaline - this crystal is a powerful protector against negative energy of all kinds....
Our next workshop is Crystal Healing Layouts and Chakra Balancing – August 1, 2014@ 6:00pm-8:00pm Email:...
Yes, hula-hooping can be a form of meditation
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Jupiter in #Leo: Lights, camera, action. It’s time to go big or go home! Learn more here: #astrology
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I attract and gratefully receive success, prosperity and abundance in my life. #loa #citrine #affirmation
I keep a gratitude journal listing everyday at least five things I’m grateful for
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Working with my #manifestjournal - just jotting down thoughts. Time to express my gratitude! #simplyradical
Stop being negative. Negative thinking increases stress & inflammation in the body, which causes illness & disease. Think #positive! :)
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For everyone going through a struggle...
When times are difficult those are the moments when you need to radiate the most positivity.
Today is a black obsidian type of day. This gem cleanses the aura of negative psychic energy.
We are all connected. What you see in others exists in yourself.
10 Habits of Unhappy People (And How to Fix Them)…
Intro to Crystal Healing Workshop - Fri, July 18th @ 6pm. Learn the all the basics. Msg me for details! #nyc #crystalhealing
Are you ready for the super moon this Saturday?
10 Scientific Studies That Prove Consciousness Can Alter Our Physical Material World:…
Crystal Healing Kit: Heart Chakra Spay + 5 Healing Crystals via @Etsy #crystalhealing #chakras #crystals
Yellow Aventurine to help you let go of the need to be in control. It's a great crystal to assist with opening...
Today is the last day of Mercury in Retrograde, thankfully.
Summer is my favorite season. I love spending days in the sun relaxing with my family. 💖
Today's stone is Pietersite also known as Tempest Stone. It's a stone that carries a charge, like a storm raging...
Birds singing and chirping in the morning... ❤️
Beautiful gold sheen obsidian sphere for integration of the shadow self, scrying and intuition. #crystalhealing
One of my wonderful clients did my astrological birth chart for me. That was so kind of her! #pisces
I AM - two of the most powerful words that you can use. What you say after them sends out an energetic vibration...
Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.
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RT @ddlovato: Had a spiritual retreat last week full of organic food, working out, meditation and (cont)
1956 Housewife on Acid: Veteran's Hospital LSD 25 Testing: via @YouTube
Today I'm working with Blue Calcite; a stone that brings emotional balance. It's also known to help it's crystal...
Thank you @fitnessmagazine and @camelbak for the water pitcher! Looking forward to the next #fitblognyc