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Warren G
Thinking back as I look at this painting. I have had this for 20 years and it describes my vibe in music. Soulful! #DizzyGalespe #gfunk #hiphop #warreng #LBC
Get well soon young Trent and continue to be a soldier.
Well hello sunshine!
He back at again! Mr TD
20th anniversary today of THUG LIFE. @Easy_Mo_Bee @regulator @HHC_hiphop R.I.P. 2Pac, Stretch, Nate Dogg & Johnny J
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@olaijah Griffin has struck again with one of the incredible Td runs I've seen in a long time against Redondo Union. He take his it's not given on offense and defense. My young Regulator!
#Repost from @snoopdogg with @repostapp --- 213 da hard way @warreng nate dogg miss u cuzz !!
They put me under
Physical/Cholesterol Message! To all even if you feel ok still check because you never know. I had a friend that was in his early 20s and had a massive heart attack and died because he had high cholesterol so check ya self before you wreck us self.
Greats! #gunk #warreng #hiphop
Goin Down! October 11th Indio Be there.
Goin Down! Be there Denver its real.
Goin Down! Be there Denver it's real.
Goin hard In my homeboy @rampage4real gym Rampage Fitness
It's time! Get it in #bodyguardhard #gfunk #warreng #Lbc #teamgfunk #hiphop
@rampage4real I've worked at a lot of gums and I gotta say your gym is the most comfortable I've been in. Keep up the good work
Wake up! Get it in
#Repost from @warreng with @repostapp --- #Repost from @warreng with @repostapp --- #Repost from @warreng with @repostapp --- #Repost from @warreng with @repostapp --- Wow I was just informed that I'm not apart of the how the west was won Los Angeles. That's the thanks I get I guess for changing the
4-0 Handing out donuts @olaijah averaging 2 TDs a game. #missionviejofreshman #diablos #football
Be there its Goin down #LBC
Cruising! #gfunk #warreng #hiphop
@olaijah struck again 2 TDs one for 65 yard punt return and a 55 yard TD reception wow! Proud Dad #diablos #missionviejofreshman
Goin Down! Pre Game warmup
Workout Flow! #teamgfunk #bodyguardhard
#gfunk #thechronic
Cold Game that's why I stay out of they way. #hiphop #music #gfunk #publicitywhores
@daddyspipesandcollective @advm_p hooked ya boy up chuuuch!
Autum Leaves Featuring @kendricklamar in the X album Fire!
Song of the day! Songs On 12 Play By @chrisbrown off the X Album Fire!
New Warren G Featuring @problem354 Coming Soon. #music
Current situation! #music #gfunk #teamgfunk #therealslice
Rude Boy Warren! @migosatl #comedy #hiphop #teamgfunk #gfunk
I've never thought in my dreams that a lot of the people I've worked with and grinded with would treat me with straight bullshit. #rappers
I'm glad I've shaped up to be a solid individual in this music if not I would go around and slap the taste out of a lot these dudes mouths.
How do we expect to get respect in hip hop when a lot of these so called artist are doing stupid actions.
Warren the rude boy! #music #teamgfunk #gfunk
High Mileage OC one best delivery services around. @highmileageoc good lookin chuuuch!