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Reggie Pranoto
iya, bener, gue ngetag lokasi ini di sekolahan pada hari minggu pagi. dari jam 6… (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) —
Your confidence continues to grow stronger and stronger, yet r... More for Virgo
mendampingi Marching band Al Bahri. (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) [pic] —
done with you ♫ Goodbye by Avril Lavigne —
when you see lazy faces in the class. #education #students #indonesia #bekasi
sekedar tips... good night... [pic] —
move along please... (at RG's Blue House) [pic] —
daripada dikentutin? [pic] —
Maintaining your sense of purpose is a struggle today, even if... More for Virgo
You feel a mega jolt of energy now that lightning-like Uranus ... More for Virgo
to do list gue welcoming October... [pic] —
You often seem as cool as a cucumber, but your rational side i... More for Virgo
ya Allah egi kangen... enak orang orang mah [vid] —
guru guru yg lain udah pada nyiapin nilai semester tengah. lah gue belom apa… (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) [pic] —
Although you prefer to sit back and enjoy your day, you quickl... More for Virgo
You prefer to have all the details in place, but something can... More for Virgo
metodelogi gue. (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) [pic] —
plan hari ini: mau ngomel2in murid yg kurang disiplin. [pic] —
last man… (w/ JOKO, Agung Fauzi Wicaksono, & 4 others at LH Building Number 19 - 20 South Jakarta) [pic] —
You might find yourself entangled in an emotionally charged me... More for Virgo
finally...semoga sakinah mawardah warahmah ya… (w/ RameBanget at LH Building Number 19 - 20 South Jakarta) [pic] —
Sometimes we sacrifice things for a friend. #RgQuote #TrueFriend
Irrational relationship fears may haunt you today, but you mig... More for Virgo
Hadapi Dengan Senyuman by Dewa (at Rumah Pondok Gede) —
alhamdulillah...sah yaaa (with JOKO, nazmy, and 3 others at @1jabodetabek) [pic] —
before the Akad. (with JOKO, nazmy, and 2 others at @1jabodetabek) [pic] —
There's a reason God gave us our middle finger, so use it!
Your best efforts on the job may be thwarted now, no matter ho... More for Virgo
one person followed me and 3 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by
It's nearly impossible to escape from the obligations of your ... More for Virgo
Your ambivalence over a fundamental issue can make a particula... More for Virgo
Living on your own little island sounds like an idyllic situat... More for Virgo
You might become sorely disappointed in yourself if you end up... More for Virgo
Your imagination knows no bounds today and your dreams can fue... More for Virgo
karena cowok berkeringat itu seksih... (at Gor lamahu) [pic] —
mengingat umur, ayo perbanyak olah raga dan mengurangi rokok. (at Gor lamahu) [pic] —
Your innate affinity for perfection is often useful, but now i... More for Virgo
"Gue tidur dulu ya" kini artinya adalah: tiduran tapi buka hp internetan & sosmed.
ngamen tapi di atas gue BINTANG PANTURA. no comment lah [pic] —
It may feel as if you're walking through a time warp now that ... More for Virgo
mending lo pulang sono buru! ke alam qoib!!! [pic] —
jangan negatip thinking, dia cuma baca koran ko [pic] —
nih kenalin Abang gue. [pic] —
udah pada mulai berani bolos di kelas gue. rame2 pula. ga sabar pengen gue klepakin deh. #padahal dulu… [pic] —
Pay close attention to your key planet Mercury as he begins da... More for Virgo
bener ga? (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) [pic] —
Relationships are your primary source of inspiration these day... More for Virgo
murid murid disini pada rajin sholat, kalo gue ga ikutan sholat jadi agak malu… (at SMK Al-Bahri Kampus C) [pic] —

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