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Regan Smith
nascar 106,687 followers
@NASCAR: A giant THANK YOU to @ReganSmith for tweeting with us during the #AAA400! Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we did! #NASCAR” 👍👍
@Janesun48: We’re going to Homestead for the ninth time. Can’t wait. How exciting is THAT going to be?” Your going to love it!
Fun race! The next 7 races are going to be absolutely nuts. Had fun chatting with everybody. #AAA400 #NASCAR
Battles all over the place, the lead, the transfer spot, man I need more TVs and split screen! #AAA400 #NASCAR
@nchavez_88: If u think this race is exciting, wait until the next elimination race @TalladegaSuperS #thebigone #4wide” Truth
@TimTtaylor0440: why is that sad? Its cool just kicking it with ya bud.” I’m a driver I love to race! Having fun chatting too though
@zoom_Buck_80: @ReganSmith where are you watching the race today?” Sadly my living room. I’d love to be racing!
@dreth2: You say that you like the new format. Is that as a fan or a driver? Seems stressful for a driver.” Both, live for these moments
Regardless of if the 5 makes it or not you gotta respect his effort today. He could’ve thrown the towel in a couple times. #AAA400 #NASCAR
@BVielhaber: Alright - finally shamed into following @ReganSmith #smartdude” Hahaha I knew we’d get ya
@Don_EGJR: Very intense. Starting to like the new Chase format” I agree!
The points movement happening right now is exactly what #NASCAR envisioned with this format, I’m loving it as a fan and driver.
Seems like the 48 always comes to life with 100 to go at Dover even if he didn’t lead the first 300. #NASCAR #AAA400
@LacyBazinet: @MikeDavis88 @ReganSmith @NASCAR where can I find the live points?” Top of the TV screen.
@Janesun48: I didn’t think the concrete surface changed as much as asphalt. Not true?” The sun on or off all the rubber on the track does.
From 4:00 till the end yesterday the track got tighter and tighter. Gonna make the last pit stop adjustments crucial. #AAA400 #NASCAR
@HeatherIndyGirl: are you watching the live points as well? Man, it just keeps changing, it’s great!” It’s wild!
@backercl88: think the 4 has time to get back to the front” As fast as he’s been yes but that splitter damage is very concerning.
These restarts are going to get even crazier now. Give and take is over with. #AAA400 #NASCAR
@nemismom: When your racing days are over, you'll make one heck of a race analyst for TV!” Thanks! I love talking about racing
Whole new race now. Huge break for the 5 car who was off sequence. Now only 1 lap down. Remember that if he makes the cut. #NASCAR
Getting on and off pit road at Dover under green is tougher than the caution entry I described earlier. There and Darlington 2 toughest.
@jmullan48: what about the other 2 cars? Not that brave?” I figure there’s at least 2 cars that are happy also.
If the shock on the 4 car is broken there’s 40 other cars that would like to try it. They’re flying today. #NASCAR #AAA400
Props to Goodyear for the tire they’ve had at the past 2 dover races; durable, falls off, puts rubber on the track. #NASCAR
Dovers tough on equipment, curious to see what has broke on the 4 car. #NASCAR #AAA400
Figured we’d see more track position movement based on 2 tires and such but the runs have been long enough to neutralize that. #NASCAR
@Kieran_Weber: you had a close call in yesterday’s race from a car entering the pit lane.” I nearly 💩 my pants.
Pit entry could cause issues before the days over, the chain reaction of cars checking up is way worse at Dover than most tracks #NASCAR
@SeanLawver48: Do you think nerves and pressure will play a roll in todays race? Maybe some unforced mistakes?” Absolutely could
@greeneville1994: mike Davis called you a professor..” Well I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
@RaceyLacyK: do you think that 88 is looking good?” I think he looks very good, making up 9 spots under green is tough at dover.
I was surprised at how tight the race track was yesterday, looks like a bunch of guys are getting the same surprise early today. #AAA400
@LSUFAN869: Did y'all have problems with the track coming up in turn 4 yesterday?” Not that I was aware of, but must be we did
I’d expect the top line to be very important today on old tires, with the power of the cup cars and the sun/heat today. #NASCAR
@mr2cars: so what's your point ? That's why they get the big bucks !” Very true
Dovers a tough track to run 400 laps on any day, with what’s on the line today these guys are gonna be mentally and physically exhausted
Oops meant 47 in that last tweet.
Lots of good predictions, majority of you seem to think the 4 or the 88 win, and the 16, 41, 43, and 46 could miss the cut. #NASCAR
I’m curious, whose everybody’s pick to win today and who do you think gets knocked out of the chase today? #NASCAR
Hope everybody’s as pumped up about the #AAA400 as I am today, this race is gonna be a pressure filled! #NASCAR
Happy with our car, best speed we’ve had in a while and it drives good. 👍#eyeontheprizeze
That decision to pick up Tony Romo and drop Eli while my starter Peyton is on a bye week in fantasy football… yeah it was a good one. 👎😡💩
Wow!!! Good for #2!!!
@jondavisinc: Congrats to our front tire changer @CamronWaugh488 on the baby girl!!! #proudpapa” Congrats!
I’m so sad to hear that Gordon Gibbs passed today. One of the hardest working best people you will ever meet. Going to miss him. #RIP