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Resident Evil
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We caught up with @DC_Douglas at the Manchester @MCMExpo and talked about all things Wesker with him
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So close to 500,000 views - how excited are you for Resident Evil?
All this week, RE Revelations players can grab new, RE1-themed items for Raid Mode…
Resident Evil #REturn, an enhanced update of the 2002 classic. Coming 2015!
The official RE site has been updated with Resident Evil #REturn screens and information…
Big sale on Xbox 360 - RE4HD and Code Veronica X are $6.59, Revelations is $13.60, Operation Raccoon City is $11.59
Resident Evil fans producers Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Tatsuya Kitabayashi have an announcement for you... #REmake .
Shermie-Cosplay has a great gallery of Ada Wong but this Onimusha inspired costume is our fave…
Shot of the RE1 Tyrant, a super-detailed statue from Hollywood Collectibles
Our pals at @gameinformer are playing through RE1 (PS1 + GC) to commemorate Mansion Incident… 7/24/98
No grappling hook feature would be complete without a shoutout to Ada Wong.
Heading to @MCMExpo Manchester this weekend? @DC_Douglas voice of Resident Evil's Wesker will be doing stage talks
Through 7/27, check out the RE crossover in @SquareEnix's Deadman's Cross, on Android and iOS!…
.@SquareEnix's Deadman's Cross has just launched a crossover with Resident Evil! Details:…
Poor Brad ran out of time and ran straight into Nemesis
24 hours remain in our big Steam RE sale! 40~75% off RE4, RE6 and Revelations
RE4 PC, on sale for $11.99! Also grab RE6 for $9.99 and Revelations for $12.49!