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Someone needs to bring me back an Algerian/Emirati/Moroccan kaftan
My mums just come out of hospital and she's gone to get her nails done? Lool if you faint again then you can carry yourself init
Why is getting changed such a long process
Bitches in Cambridge cycle to clubs with high heels on, I ain't about that life
I want a cinnamon apple tho 😔
I'm awake for college, I just have no motivation to roll out of bed 😪
@MrGreysCousin: I don't watch porn:)” Say wallah
Im still chilling with my iPhone 4s. It does the same exact job and it's smaller than my foot
How am I late to college pls. I refuse to believe this
Can't even speak to anyone for advice because I just get yelled at 😴
I need to choose an alternative back up uni course and I'm completely clueless. How do I even start 😭
I wish I could sing, maybe my man would look at me like that and not only when I've bought him a Nandos
@MeltemHurtan: 💞” Can't get over how he looks at her😪💕
I love seeing couples happy, all you cuties keep it up 🌸
High craving for chicken every day
😂😂😩 When your girl catch u”
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"@ArabDee_: Men getting their eyebrows done and going for days at the spa to get their legs waxed. Lol not my man" Judgement day is close
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Men getting their eyebrows done and going for days at the spa to get their legs waxed. Lol not my man
Craving Nandos 😪
I've reached the point where coffee doesn't even affect me anymore
Show me off like this and I'll be the happiest person ever
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Basically, I think I've fucked up
My future is either gunna be fucked up, or everything I could ever want in the space of 3 weeks
Does this bus want to be any later..
If only I could order coffee and someone came to deliver it to me at college
First day of being 18 when in reality I look 12 😭
Black is the only colour I know
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I try to not be so useless but I just end up failing even more
Mashallah, the moon is so beautiful tonight
Waaa.. I hate being alone. My thoughts have thoughts.
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And chocolate
You lot better start picking flowers to give me at college tomorrow as a late birthday present
@letmalikyourpum: @ArabDee_ arab shtop” Soz samosa
@khaliyahleoniee: @ArabDee_ happy birthday babes hope you've had a good day 😋❤️” Aww thank you Khaliyah 😘 it was alright xxx
@krystal_olivia: @ArabDee_ happy 18th birthday reem! Hope you've had a good day love🎉🎂🎈😘! X” My day was shit 😂 but cheers Krystal cutie xx