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† Mr. Brightside ☪
Saying "i'm sorry" doesn't mean anything to me anymore, show me that you're sorry or else don't bother fucking apologizing at all
A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
Retweeted by † Mr. Brightside ☪
Would rather repeatedly stab forks in my eyes than sit in supervised study right now 🔫😴
I overthink so much stuff, it's not even funny
My face when Christmas decorations finally go up 🎄🎅
I'm becoming more and more heartless everyday
A cold room is everything when it comes to sleep
Black Friday is as close as we will ever get to The Hunger Games.
I'm a Celeb is probably the highlight of my evening😂😂
Retweeted by † Mr. Brightside ☪
The amount of money I spend on food alone is ridiculous
The John Lewis penguin should definitely get himself on tinder 🐧😩😂
Through the valleys and mind Through the mountains and lakes If they tear me apart Glue me back into shape 👀😋
If I reply with “oh” I either don’t give a fuck or I feel like i’ve been punched in the throat
I get so damn jealous when it comes to you 👀
i want to make my parents proud, my enemies jealous and myself satisfied
Things i care about : family, money, clothes, not you lol
Sundays are made for comfy clothes and Netflix 👌😋😏
Can I please experience winter in Central Park? ⛄️❄️
Why am I even awake at this time?
I've been roaming around Always looking down at all I see Painted faces, fill the places I cant reach
Physically, mentally, emotionally tired
Got a new mobile number, fav and I'll dm you it ✌️😃😃😃
A Conversation Without Emojis Are Boring 😴✋✨
I'm in a bad mood pretty much 24/7
Cheryl is looking fineeeee 😏
I can get use to having a three day weekend, every week 🙌🙌🙌
Anthem Part Two will always be one of my favourite blink-182 songs 👊
Enter Shikari always improves my mood ✌️👌
"And do you, tree from Guardians of the Galaxy, take this woman to be your wife?" "I. Am. Groom."
Retweeted by † Mr. Brightside ☪
'Once you get fucked over, you stop giving a fuck about a lot of things'
Add my snapchat: reece_bullock ✌️👀
Sometimes I wish you were in my place just to know how I feel 😒
People change like the seasons 🍂❄🌷☀
Uploading pictures of sex and saying "this please" just makes you look like a massive twat 👀
@Jack_armes_mate Yeeeaaah, I can see that 😴 thanks for that :) :) :)
@Jack_armes_mate 😂😂😂 it automatically invites people when you download it and connect it to facebook, js
Blink 182 is coming out with a new album and that makes me a very happy person 👌😃
No wonder spiders hate us, we eat eight of them in our sleep every year like it's no big deal.
Retweeted by † Mr. Brightside ☪
I'm stuck between "I really want to talk to you" and "I really need to get over you"
The Vaccines are consistently class
RIP to Dave Legeno, who brilliantly portrayed Fenrir Greyback in the Harry Potter movies 😶
All of my tweets would be the 1975 lyrics if I didn't control myself 👌
I've got one less problem without you 👊✌️
I've got one less problem without you 👊