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Ralph Whitbeck
"You want something to cry about?" Hahaha
At the Rochester ComicCon. Ah, beautiful Rochester. The Paris of the East Coast.
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Being a Nomad for a Year - traveling the world with my family and how we're doing it...…
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1 week ago, we were in the middle of #jqcon Chicago. Relive the magic with all 30 conference talk videos! Live now at
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Crest removes plastic microbeads in its toothpaste
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I've spent most of the day trying to pronounce the word "omnipotent" I finally got it and feel like I can now speak omnipotently from now on
The next round of updates to our platform roadmap - moar ES6 features, WAV Audio, dppx unit, meta referrer, & more
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Now having complete conversations in only predictive text in iMessage
No seriously though, there's a real problem in Gothem!
I must be getting old when Budweiser starts to taste good. 🍺
I think the dictation in iOS8 is much better than in previous versions I'm happy with it.
Going to dress up as Tim Murray for Halloween this year. Here's a preview, he's the guy on the right. Haha
OMG earliest Genius Bar appointment is Tuesday next week. Everything must just working to have that kind of backup.
Yay, iOS8 bricked my iPad.
[Website] carousels exist to keep people from beating the shit out of each other in meetings. Brad Frost
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The Bills vs. Chargers game on Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium is sold out and will be televised #13WHAM
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Summer in Rochester RT @whec_kwilliams: It IS still summer...but it is also currently 48 degrees in Spencerport.
Direct flight to Detroit $656, Flight to Chicago with a layover in Detroit $282. How does that work? cc @Delta Flying from ROC 9/28 - 10/4
seeing the life return to enterprise devs during a company-sponsored hackathon is a moving thing
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Apple’s Biggest Announcement Yet Isn’t About Phones Or Watches #TDN
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Vagrant, Parallels 10 and Kraken - new tools and offers on modern.IE!…
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Good lord the airport is even busier when I return
Is ISIS and ISIL separate groups or the same group in different countries? Why attack one but not the other?
Biggest take away from #jqcon was being "enlightened" by @codylindley thanks for the conversation yesterday. Great seeing you again.
My favorite new blog. Facebook autotags “grandma” “Grandmaster Flash” Hilarity ensues
When a hotel as presumptuous as the Sheraton in Chicago has the gull to charge $18.95 a day for wifi you expect it work flawlessly.
Really awesome that @mediatemple sponsored the @jqcon speaker dinner last night. Loved the restaurant, thanks again.
Coolest thing I saw all night was a hearing aid that had bluetooth and could be controlled through your iPhone. I want to go deaf now #what
I was having an issue with SSL errors on various sites in Google Chrome on Mac. Here is how I finally fixed it
GOOD LAWD my Rochester airport is busy today!
Picard management tip: When you stand up, straighten your shirt.
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@JonnyFootbalI: I thought I was drunk when I saw this... I'm crying 😂�”
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Oh yeah (@ Nick Tahou Hots in Rochester, NY)…
“Groot, I am.” (Groot doing a Yoda impression)
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FAA confirmed the plane crashed off the northern coast of Jamacia…looks like the FlightAware data was accurate. #ROC
The last data came in at 2:10 EDT and the plane was in between Cuba and Jamacia.
FlightAware had data showing the flight rapidly descending then data was cut off #ROC
The word BREAKING is really being overused right now in my twitter feed #ROC
20 min. waiting for a meeting, not disappointed. Watching your battery power drain 25% while sitting in a empty hangout, ENRAGING!