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Ralph Whitbeck
Git really is awesome, learn how to collate repositories by grafting earlier history onto existing repos by @durdn…
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Kylie Jenner is 17 years old and just bought a crib for 3 million dollars, I still haven't paid for Sublime Text.
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A recap of the July 2015 TC39 Committee Meeting in Redmond…
A homage to Strict Coding… A great reminder of how much strict coding helps us in our development journey.
We asked if there was any interest in upping the emoticon limit from 100. Thanks for the RTs. Please enjoy the new 500 limit. #MoarEmoticons
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Want a higher emoticon limit? All you have to do is retweet this post by Aug 4th and everyone wins! #MoarEmoticons
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Any conference organizer that asks me for a copy of my deck more than 10 mins before I talk is asking to be lied to.
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We’ve raised $1555 towards Brooke’s funeral (tomorrow). Please consider helping out a father in need, my cousin.
Thanks for the donations/retweets. We’ve raised $1305 for my cousin to pay for his daughters funeral. Can you help?
Please help me help my cousin who lost his daughter and can't pay for the funeral after just losing his mother
My cousin lost his daughter today and can't pay for her funneral cause he just lost his mother.Please help if you can
Eating lunch with my backpack in Portland (PDX) airport. #solonely
Leaving #OSCON early today to head home for a funeral. It’s been a great week in Portland, thanks everyone!
New iOS @HipChat version is out. Checkout what’s new.…
The Trouble with preprocessing based on future specs by @chriscoyier… I wouldn’t use in prod but know many that would
Microsoft Edge and Web Components… Microsoft to start implementing HTML Templates today.
If you care about Codes of Conduct, I would love your opinions on the draft CoC for jQuery.… started with Django's
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Flexible hours* *you'll need to be in for the 10am standup everyday
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Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg Found Dead At 28 by @Grg
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"We all know network engineers that are great technically but their personality is they're own form of birth control." #OSCON #ignite
Don't hire rock star developers instead hire Willie Nelson developers. #OSCON
"With media are you watching a show cause you're interested in crystal meth or because it's popular?"
"A noob can often do better than a core contributor at improving the first impression." #OSCON
Last month's #Atlascamp speaker @emmajanehw kicks off Ignite with a talk on the "E" word
How to Debug JavaScript Remotely With Vorlon.js…
Overcoming JavaScript Framework Fatigue…
ES2015 Generators in 20 minutes? @jakerella gives it a valiant try and does a good job.… from @EmpireJS
Heading to #OSCON today. Who will I see there?
Sydney, Australia has snow for the first time since 1836 and kangaroos are rightly confused.
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NASA: Decade long flight across the solar system. Arrives within 72 seconds of predicted. No errors. Me: undefined is not a function
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I’ll be at @oscon next week. Want to talk about extending @JIRA, @Confluence, @HipChat and/or @Bitbucket? Get in touch with me.
Node Logging Basics: A guide to logging…
How we’re using ECMAScript2015 here at Atlassian…
The Jitsi team shares their solution to scaling number of participants for video conferencing in our latest blog post…
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jQuery 3.0 and jQuery Compat 3.0 Alpha Versions Released… test against your apps and file issues to make it better.
When squirrels are having a better summer than you |
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Ah crap Oduya signed with the Dallas Stars. He was a "has been" anyways ;)
Learn what it takes to build a microservice add-on for Atlassian products. My fireside chat with @yourzephyr is out…
Ones a screenshot of Hoth and the other is Pluto. It’s hard to tell.
LOL, awesome "#McEichel is the past #REICHEL is the future #Sabres

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