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While all Countries are coming closer on many issues Russian Leadership is missing direction and bringing tensions in Ukraine and Russia.
I congratulate all who participated in YOGA ASANAS on the International Yoga Day! We can meditate any GOD whom we like in Yoga Meditation.
Showing strength is always an animal behavior. Showing wisdom is human. Our actions should be useful to the Society. Leaders must aware of.
Russians are bearing with Putin as there is no alternative in their system of Governance. Russians should get freedom of speech by now.
Russia should adopt other methods to solve Ukraine problem by negotiations with EU and US.Going for confrontation will make Russians unhappy
Many of us have very good respect for Russians as they are Socialistic and controlled many evils of human society. Russia is Great.
Russian Leadership failed in understanding Syrian Problem. It supported failed Government for its selfish business.No sympathy for refugees
Middle east and African Countries and now Russia are interested in confrontations. These confrontations are causing Human loss and misery .
After second World War, Europe learned to live peacefully with other Nations. It was a good lesson for all the Countries in the World.
It is a wonder that after second World war, there was no incident of confrontation in Europe among member Nations. War taught them a lesson
Leaders should study the merits of other societies and induct them in their own for the benefit of future generations. Pragmatism is a must.
Spending Money for Nuclear Arms build up will prove to be a mere waste. Some Leaders are not observing other societies and their merits.
How Russian Leadership is building up tensions with Ukraine while Russians have been a peace loving Nation? Russia should adopt other ways.
Spending huge amounts on Nuclear Arsenal is not Wise Act. It will prove to be mere Waste. Peaceful Coexistence is a must for this Humans.
While doing Yoga Asanas Muslims can pray Muslim God and Christians can pray Christian God and others can choose their own God.Asanas for all
Each Yoga Asana is meant for curing specific ailment. We can ray any God while doing Yoga Asanas. Hindus may pray Hindu Gods.
YOGA means, mainly, mind control. Yoga Asanas are physical exercises with mind control. There are many Yoga Asanas.These are good for health
Recently Post offices are selling Darsan Tickets of Lord Venkateswara. This is an innovative idea. Post offices should get more such works.
In India Postal Department may be entrusted with Collection of property tax in Municipalities and Panchayats and also Corporations .
In India Postal Department has lost its glamour now a days. All post offices can be given additional banking duties, just like regular banks
The Countries where women are happy and comfortable, those countries prosper and develop. Where women are looked down those Countries fail.
If property rights are given to women, in all religions, and free education to women then most of the women's problems are solved.
The words of war in Hyderabad between two CMs gave the image of village level Leaders. They never know the meaning of 'decency'.
Third grade Leaders are spoiling Indian political system.These Leaders do not feel shame for their actions.The means of coming to power bad.
Mob in the streets is deciding whether a leader has committed a fraud. They are supporting without knowing the facts. This trend is very bad
Two Chief Ministers , Andhra Pradesh and Telangana had war of words and fought just like street fighters. They still feel as dignified CMs
Middle East has become a problem to the Civilized World. So much human tragedy and suffering. With Mask of Religion they are doing all this
Religious Power Mongers are the reason for the conflicts in the Middle East. They do not respect human values. They think might is right.
War or conflicts are barbaric and should be avoided until and unless you are fighting with brutes.
EU will be natural alloy of Russia in coming years due to geographic, cultural, and religious closeness. Now they are facing isolation.
We should appreciate US and EU for their patience in dealing with Ukraine problem. To Russian provocation they are answering with sanctions
The actions of Russia are not in the interest of Russians.If EU and US retaliate there will be big escalated war between Russia and others.
As many as 28 EU Countries are understanding each others point of view, it is unimaginable why only Russian Leadership has differences.
If Russians are allowed to understand EU type of society , they will prefer to join with EU, for freedoms and prosperity.
Russian People are deprived of all freedoms enjoyed by the European Countries. Ukraine is interested in European type of society.
Now World peace is in the hands of Vladimir Putin. He has to think of others point of View. He was wrong in Syria. He is wrong in Ukraine.
Vladimir Putin should realize US and Eu are not happy with his actions. They are not confronting with him as they know the repercussions .
Indian Society society can not be changed until Leaders maintain Integrity, values of character and Ethics. They should have good friends.
Stickiness, pasty, oiliness, Gum are the worst qualities of Leaders in Power. They are sticking to power just like fevicol though frauds
Awareness of World trends is important for the upcoming leaders or else their societies will be the losers and become backward.
Russian Policy has become a problem to the Western Counties, Its policy is not solving Middle East problems. The Russians lost direction .
Russian Leaders should think of the world opinion as they have to work with other countries. Unnecessary misery to Ukraine and Russia.
The pity is Russian Leadership is 19th and 20th century mindset. He is satisfying his EGO and comfortable with his people. World is against
Middle Eastern Countries are living with the mindsets of 15th and 16th centuries. US and EU Countries are in 21st century. How compromise.
The CBI should be given time limit , say 30 days to submit report on Vote for Note in Hyderabad. Giving more time means shielding culprits.
It is easy for the Center to solve the Bribe for Vote problem in Hyderabad by handing over the case to CBI. The culprit should be punished.
There is no logic in shouting and organizing masses when you are caught red handed for a bribe to purchase Vote. Leaders should be careful.
Offering bribe for Vote is superior offense than the attributed phone tapping in Hyderabad. Third Grade Leaders should be punished .
The Centre should hand over the case of Vote for Note to CBI. though they are friends of BJP. Third grade Leaders are spoiling India Image.
If a person is being killed, and he recorded the voice of killer , it does not amount to phone tapping. The killer may be in high position.

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