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Tonio The Divo 6/20♕
"Beyoncé is overrated" Translation: Beyoncé is an amazing performer/singer but I won't admit it because I'm a piece of hating ass shit.
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That time when JaRule said Murder Inc was the world's most talented record label 😂
I'm literally in the barbershop cracking up. 😂
Like I said yesterday, some people just love to rant for attention and they just make themselves look like fools.
Someone just said Frank Ocean would be a good vocal candidate to do a Beyoncé tribute. BYEEEEE!
Have u heard her live!? TUH ✋🏾 RT@MsYoncee: We still have Tamar Braxton to do it.…g
Vocally, no one can do a Beyoncé tribute.
Brooke Valentine's "Girlfight" used to be my anthem. "I don't fight. I don't argue. I just hit that bitch with a bottle." 😂
And people say I'm a mix of Tami & Jennifer due to my boujieness…
Birthday in 7 days. I'm getting old. lol 😆
Goodmorning. Thank God for another day of life.
You might be more argumentative than usual today and your clev... More for Gemini
Smooth, soft, brown, hairless, glowing skin is what I'm about.
Body hair is so annoying. I just want it all gone.
I get filthy when that liquor get into me 😈
Start over is Beyoncé most underrated song and GREATNESS TF
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[BREAKING] Rachel Dolezal Speaks- Still Doesn't Get Why the Big Fuss "I Consider Myself Black"
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i see where this is going. RT @2much336: AL sharpton lied about relaxing his hair. Can he not be trusted either?
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This Mortal Kombat movie is trash
Guess I'll watch this Mortal Kombat movie on Netflix
U wish I was yo poundcake
U wish I was yo baby momma.
If men could have babies, one of y'all would've probably had me knocked up right now.
I want some Filet Mignon, curry chicken, lobster, Alfredo, and Spanish rice & beans
If he don't make you limp afterwards then it ain't that good. That's all imma say. 😬
It wasn't that good if u ain't limping afterwards. 🙊
Clearly, that's a troll Rachel account lol
I want some curry chicken and Spanish rice & beans.
I already know my 🎂 is powerful
"You see... I love collard greens & cornbread."
I've been seeing a lot of promo for "The Perfect Guy" starring Michael Ealy and the movie doesn't come out till SEPTEMBER 😩😩😩
All I have to say is that it's smart to educate yourselves before tweeting about certain issues. *drops mic*
#RachelDolezal's story first fell apart because the police were questioning her claims after it became clear the threats weren't mailed.
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I need folks to remember that pretending to be Black is the least of #RachelDolezal's hoax. Her faked hate crimes hurt the community
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