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Tonio The Thickum™ ♕
Irrelevant opinions from irrelevant people will remain... irrelevant.
I'm not attracted to you anyways. Gladly unfollow.
Let me dust off the block button. RT @Jamarius: 😂😭😂 @Liberiangyalyal: When you tell him he can cum
All we want is album + tour tea. Do you not understand that, Onika? @NICKIMINAJ
The announcement isn't album related? You stay playin, @NICKIMINAJ. Bye.
People will treat you how u ALLOW them to treat you. #Oh
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Drake is boring. RT @DaGawd_: Drake is repetitive af IMO . Kendrick is better than him lyrical wise and artistry wise.
Calling me a fag doesn't make me upset one bit. It just shows how basic & weak you are. You're gonna have to try harder to get a reaction. 😂
Although you are eager to change the dynamics between you and ... More for Gemini
If someone discovers me as an artist, why would I offer them a big founders check when I'm not even sure if my career is going to take off?
Wow @ Fendi on The Breakfast Club trashing Nicki like this.
@_JayAntonio @B_NERD she didn't come for her she just cleared the differences between beehive and BEYhive she didn't shade Bey
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Bloop! RT @digitalhigh5: Nicki Minaj's focus is the music and her career. Lil Kim's focus is nicki minaj and a title..
Lemme listen to this interview.
So... Lil Krim had something to say about Nicki, K. Michelle, and who used "Queen B & Beyhive" first!? Oh, the thirst for relevancy is real.
Major Shots Fired: Lil Kim On Breakfast Club Goes In On K. Michelle “She Is A Bag Of Black Jelly Beans… You Are…
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Apparently Lil Kim came for Beyoncé this morning on The Breakfast Club.
I really need to live by myself. I hate having roommates.
Oh. RT @IyanlaVanzant: The Penis = the temporary relief and good feeling that takes you away from a dismal reality. #FixMyLife
Me: RT @CED_LUVS_BEY: Why must he look so good 😩
And it's looking like... November it isssss
So now I have to book a trip to England ☺️
Wish I would've gotten his number :(
Best believe I'm going to do whatever I want...
And when the other one spoke to me, his accent was so cute!! lol
Those cute black boys from London >>. One in particular. I was in love for 24 hours. 😍
#Oktoberfest 😝🍺
People might give you a hard time today if you try to avoid th... More for Gemini
You are in your astrological element with three planets curren... More for Gemini
An intense interaction today could leave you wondering what ha... More for Gemini
Bey & Jay were friends for a year & half FIRST before they started dating, dated for 7 years & THEN got married & been married for 6. 👏👏
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What is going on in Hollywood!?
Relationships calling me to do what's wrong, but I gotta do right.
Temptation is calling. Papi, wanting you so bad I could cry.
I know you see me watching you and I see you watching me. Cause boy, your body's calling. The temptation is killing me.
You're like a bottle of wine. You get better with time. All I want is a glass of You.