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@K1ngByrd: Beyonce tells another LIE!!! She said she freestyled Partition when she recorded it in the studio!! Chhh”
Someone who has your feelings tied up in knots may become the ... More for Gemini
Every day, I'm becoming more and more happy.
RT @CUNTroyversy: RT @dafakerihanna: RT if you were a member of Destiny's child and Beyoncé kicked you out
I saw the most beautiful thing Saturday night.
Feels like I have to give birth. *runs*
I wish my skin was as flawless as @Marcy2cool
😭😭😭 @HolyBeysussus: So You Wearing A Sports Bra & Panties With Pig Tails? @_JayAntonionio I have to find a BLOW outfit.
With glitter and polka dots.
I have to find a BLOW outfit.
!!! RT @CUNTroyversy: So tired of these trinity pics.. 😐
He makes me want to fall into depression and pop pills RT @Brandivo: Is this Sam Smith guy good?
@R_0_N: @_JayAntonio You can do whatever you want” I say the same thing everyday.
Always start out my mornings by listening to Grown Woman.
I like this. RT @KingToYou_: Yesss RT @onikadelrey: 😍 RT @surfbortxx: ANACONDA [alternative cover]”
Drake is annoying.
😍 @VIVARonRonn: Daddy 😍@CNBCBC: Mark Zuckerberg is $1.6B richer with a net worth that now surpasses Google"
Why am I up? 😒 *rolls back over*