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Tonio.™ ♕
Last night. 🇮🇹❤️
Legs on Hershey 😩☀️♨️
These streets have no speed limit. I be so afraid for my life sometimes.
😂 RT@itshannahveee: College students be crossing the street like, "hit me. I got tuition to pay." 😂
If you're keeping your promise, I'm keeping miiiiiiiine.
Good. Wish it was illegal in more. RT @WhatTheFFacts: Adultery is still illegal in 23 states.
And I must say the food is so much healthier, even down to the fruit juice. No sugar added.
The people here are so free, so social.
Getting some fresh air. Current view. Excuse this big ol bush. lol
I'm noticing myself changing already and I like it.
As expected RT @Forbes: Beyoncé saw huge gains in sales after the VMAs:
You may run into trouble for doing the wrong thing at work tod... More for Gemini
😂😂 R@LilKimim: U guys asked for it!!! Here's the full remix of Fancy with my gir@IGGYAZALEAEA!!!…w35c
Matthew Knowles still talking out of his ass cheeks I see. 😒
I'm ready for orientation to be over already so I can go back to sleep.
I don't have sex outside of relationships anyways, so there's no way in hell I'm going to travel and let a foreigner inside my pants.
I don't understand how people can travel to different countries and be Thots. Like, keep your foreign penis in your pants. ✋😷
Everyone in my group has a boyfriend/girlfriend waiting back at home for them to come back. Awwwww. ❤️
Jack Daniels + Coca Cola = Turnt in Italia. 🇮�
It's so awkward hearing Italians/White Americans rap the lyrics to "My nigga, my nigga"...
*jumps onto TL* HEY YALL!
Everyone must visit Europe.
Looking forward to an easygoing day is natural when the Moon i... More for Gemini
Food in Italy > Food in America
Duomo di Firenze
Finally made it. Time to eat and pass TF out.
You have been taking life far too seriously long enough and ar... More for Gemini
Two amazing people are leaving for Italy today. @mellyminc & @_JayAntonio, good luck out there. I know you'll be great! I'll miss you both!😘
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You may be shadowboxing today as you struggle to complete your... More for Gemini
💀 RT@Beyonce_Statss:#SALESS South Korea: Honesty – 815,154 (total)
Beyonce and Jay Z are bringing their 'On The Run' tour to Australia @Beyonce @S_C_ how about Asia? 😞
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This distance is starting to open my eyes. Goodnight everyone.