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Throwback to Prom last year with @miista_october It's not Thursday buuuut Buford had prom a couple days ago & I'm missing Prom2013 😣
It's not Thursday buuuut throwback to 2011 when my hair was cut about shoulder length and DARK! I miss my dark hair a lot! 😣🔫 && nvm my weirdness 😜
A throwback video with my best fraaaand! Love u @kmorgan8813 ❤️ .... The things we do to entertain ourselves when bored lol 😂
I'm not confused. I know exactly what I want.. Just so happens to be both. #CallMeGreedy idc idc idc idc.. 💘
Don't want to get out of bed..
Finally home and in bed.. Its been a pretty long day but a good day 😏
Blowing O's Til I KO.. ✌
Sleeping before 2am feels wrong to me 😣
My Galaxy is acting dumb. <<< This is when my iPhone comes to the rescue 👏👏😎
This the shit that I live for.. 🎧
Listening to The Weeknd on the weekend.. Oh how ironic.
I'm just liiiike Shut Up or Nut Up..
Vanillas are my favorite, hands down! 💛
This fat creeper isn't getting anything for Christmas this year if she keeps being bad.. #funnyfacecreeper #deletingsoon 😂
The drought is over 🙌
Vanilla lover for liiiife 💛
Date tonight? Uhhh I'm thinking yes 😏
Tomorrow shall be interesting..
Been driving around all day. I hate errands <<<
Basically how I feel right about now..
Take you down another level. Get you dancing with the devil.
I'd give up d*ck for the rest of 2014 just to have one of my female followers 😈 no lie. 🙌😍😣🔫
That strawberry lemonade lasted me a good two days 😋 so good!
This dude asked me if The Weeknd was the name of a song or album? Wow turn off. you are now dismissed.
They wanna 3 sum, then some..
This the sh*t that I live for..
Hungry for no reason. 😓
I dream about getting high with The Weeknd. #XO
All I want is to be happy & single. But still have guy friends to keep me sane. That's it.
Netflix movies that are so lame they actually put you to sleep when you're not even sleepy <<<<
Smoked a lil too much tonight 💀