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R ॐ
edm peace raves love positivity 481 followers
quiet people have the loudest minds
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life is one hell of a ride, but damn what a beautiful journey.
toasty as fuck.
people come and go unfortunately but it's life
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I feel like a tortilla.
Actions speak, so I'm doin what I'm thinkin
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I just wanna travel. Meet new places, new faces and see places I've never seen before. 🌻✈️🌎🌈
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Weird how in this era if you don't text someone constantly they can take it as not giving a shit about them lol
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I was just placed in the wrong universe.
but really, i just need to be 21 already.
less sober than i thought.
@joeypedraza: Fucking hate humans.” same. alien life forever 👽
come meet me on the dark side of the moon.
I never know what I want.
eyes lower than your self esteem
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people are good at finding your weakness and using it against you
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If your snapchat story is over 200 seconds long I probably hate you now...
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I just want a bar or two right about now.
when you wake up the next morning and realize how drunk you actually were last night. oh.
I never changed. I just learned.
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