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when your manager asks you to double on one of your days off
tonight's sunset was unreal
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everything you feel... I can feel too
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house music. apartment music. condo music. airbnb music
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constantly finding myself dreaming of being home
I lose and find myself over & over & over again...
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this random guy said i remind him of a hummingbird. .. thank you?
it's the little things
i need some tooth picks to prop my eye lids open
my phones gonna die because im watching a video of a rabbit chew in slow mo and im not even mad about it
the guard watching after me at work laughs at everything i say. i can't tell if he thinks im funny or that im a psycho.
but are you down?
he said it was so good it would knock your dick into your watch pocket. guys help me im dying.
this old man just rode his bike by and started talking about when he would smoke in '69
why can't people help each other instead of hurting each other?
how do peaceful people coexist with people who only know violence?
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im either hibernating or half dead off 2 hours of sleep. there's no in between.
don't just act like you're about it be about it
4 attackers were killed -- 3 wearing explosive belts -- at Bataclan concert venue during police raid, police say
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my preferred state is kicking up dust and dancing to some weird music in the middle of no where
i miss 2009 ADTR more than almost anything
my co worker just said "how do you not like techno but like skrillex; that's about as techno as it gets" .. dude i can't.
i am a popsicle
ive been taking way too many naps
this cold weather makes me the happiest 🙃
no pam i dont want a bagel im already going to be late have you seen my keys
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im saving up and moving to the redwoods
im just going to hide in bed all day
i feel like banging my head against a wall might help my anxiety
in a gentle way you can shake the world
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730am-230am shift almost half way through. i got this.
some of the "woke" people nowadays have this superiority complex and its pretty ironic. you freed your mind only to be a slave 2 ur ego.
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itching for a new tattoo
You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.
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let it happen l e t i t happen l e t i t h a p p e n
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thinking about hot cheetos
tycho at 4am, but what's new?

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