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Had fun awhile ago! Day'a great hehe. Stress relieving it is
Good luck sa CAC bukas :)
I want years 👫💍 Not Months 📅
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Gosh, ayan na naman.
Le cries at accounting
If this things also happen to the other girls. Idk what would I do to those haters anymore. Seriously. Once is enough.
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Reasons on why to hate Kim Taeyeon 1. She's prettier than you 2. She's more gorgeous than you 3. 1 and 2 4. Or you simply hate her ~~~ Lol
Conrado Valix, pwede pahiram ng utak mo para sa midterm and finals? Geh naaa HAHA
Paano pa naman ung akin? ./. guys…
Yay july 20 na hehe
Fuxk, hindi ko nalagay sa columnar ung mga sagot. Nah bukas nalang haha
#GrowingUpWithMyName "Ano ang vanward na sinasawsaw sa mangga?" "Ano?" . .. ... Ehh di bagoong Me be like: ./. Guys
RV ba? XD lol
#Growingupwithmyname Van Vaan Vaaan Van Ward Mariel (putcha yan) Backward Sideward Forward ... Gosh this trend haha
Inaantay ko lng talaga mag 12 midnight ehh
Big Bang concert. /insert broken hearted and crying emoticon/
I miss home.
putangina ng internet
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Bakit ba ang dami ng pinapagawa ni ma'am >.>
Sakit ng ulo ko ohmt
Alam kong nauna kana matulog sa akin @reneegoco ♥ pero i dont want to disturb you too hekhek
미안해 @reneegoco I know you've been worried alot. But dont worry! I did fine this day!
Even though i didnt have a chance to reply to any of your messages @reneegoco I just want you to know that I think about you every minute
45 minutes before 7th ♥ @reneegoco
Makaalis na nga haha
I need something or someone in my life to make it slightly interesting
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Nakakatamad pumasok, kakapagod haha
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Is this real? I feel like sleeping rn.... 😶😱
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Hey tekshi tekshi lol
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*nods at the prof to look like u understand but deep, deep, deep down you're already having a mental breakdown*
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Lahat sila on the class atm, while me: going home atm haha
Addicted to @reneegoco, in a complete state of euphoria rn
I have so much to say. I'm just making sure the right person is listening.
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Because you look like a kid to me, you cutie little thing I love you so much haha
Mom wont just understand, I'm a guy not a girl. I've grown up already, you wont make me wear girly clothes anymore and have my ponytail.
In conclusion, @reneegoco is effin adorable, and no one can explain how much I love this kid i mean girl lmao
How come i have 339 followers? o.o
The moment @reneegoco 's hair is adorable, like "damn kid, Can I own you?"
The magic in me is when @reneegoco 's head is under my lips, I automatically kiss her head.
The magic in @reneegoco is when she always snuggle at me when we sit together. Cutest thing ever for me tbh
The magic in me and @reneegoco is when we happen to hold hands automatically when we're close to each other.
The moment when you're beside her and you just dont want to go home anymore @reneegoco

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